Commitment to customer service

Our promise

We promise to:

  • Listen to you, consult with you, understand your needs and deliver personal service.
  • Focus on resolving your enquiry first time
  • Regularly survey our members to seek ways to improve our service.
  • Improve processing times by allowing more opportunities to submit your claim electronically.
  • Continuously work towards complying with the voluntary Private Health Insurance Code of Conduct.
  • Maintain our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

If things go wrong

Our mission to be your trusted partner in the provision of private health insurance goes beyond providing quality affordable products and high levels of customer service.

While we receive many letters of praise about our products and customer service advisors, like any organisation, we aren’t perfect and, on occasions, we also receive complaints. We believe that your complaints are of equal or greater importance than praise.

As such, we have stringent guidelines in place to ensure we acknowledge you in the most efficient and timely manner.

So, in the unfortunate circumstance that you have a concern or complaint you can contact us through the following channels and can expect an acknowledgement as indicated below:

  1. Talk to a GMHBA representative. You can talk to a representative by visiting a branch, calling 1300 446 422 or emailing We respond to all our phone calls immediately, and will follow up all e-mails within 2 - 5 business days.
  2. Write to us. We will provide an acknowledgement within five working days for written correspondence. Where the matter is complex we will attempt to finalise within a month. However where the difficulty of the matter precludes this, we will inform you of the progress.
  3. Write to the Member Services Review Committee (MSRC). If after receiving our response you are still not satisfied, you can write to the Member Services Review Committee (MSRC). We have appointed a panel of senior management who meet weekly to discuss any issues received from members. The aim of the MSRC is to listen to you and to provide decisions that are fair and equitable for all our members. You will receive an acknowledgement of your correspondence within five working days of the committee’s weekly meeting. You are welcome to write to the MSRC at PO Box 761, Geelong, Vic 3220 or email
  4. Contact our Customer Relationship Team. If you require further clarification about the decision made at the MSRC, please write to us at or via post to PO Box 761, Geelong, Vic 3220. We will acknowledge your correspondence within five days of receipt. Where the matter is complex we will attempt to finalise within a month, however where the complexity of the matter precludes this, we will keep you informed of the progress.

If you’re still dissatisfied with the outcome, free independent advice is available from the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman. To make a complaint, contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman at