GMHBA Way values

The GMHBA Way values provide us with a shared language and common view of our culture in a simple, memorable way.

Developed and brought to life by our own employees, these values and behaviours unite us, describe who we are and give us direction to who we aspire to be. 

We encourage our people to bring them to life through the way they communicate, adapt and interact with each other.

Be people-focused

Work with heart because people matter

  • Our customers are at the centre of all we do. 
  • We recognise that together we make the difference.
  • We engage with others and listen for understanding.
  • We’re mindful that our actions impact people.

Be purposeful 

Begin with the goal in mind and make it happen

  • We communicate with clarity and act with purpose.
  • We’re proactive in seeking out a solution.
  • We make informed decisions.
  • We focus on delivering the things that matter.

Be worthy of trust

Do the right thing and do things right

  • Our intent and motivation is clear and honest.
  • We are consistent in our words and actions.
  • We are confident in our selves and others.
  • We have the courage to say hard things in a considered way.

Be remarkable

Bring your best and strive for better

  • We're present and bring our best every day.
  • We help others to be remarkable.
  • We’re curious about and open to change.
  • We’re passionate about always improving.
  • We celebrate success and embrace learnings.