University partnerships

Supporting research and partnering with academic institutions is an important element of GMHBA’s commitment to supporting the health of our members and patients, alongside our broader contribution to the community.

We have partnered with Universities on a variety of projects in different ways, including; grant submission support, dissemination of research outcomes, engagement in research via seminars, articles and social media, recruitment of participants, and, providing education opportunities for clinicians working in our health care businesses.

Strategic partnership with Deakin University

GMHBA has partnered with Deakin University to create job opportunities for graduates and address workforce shortages in the Geelong region, focusing on shared priorities in employment, education, research, and leadership.

It will create new GMHBA placements and internships for nursing, optometry, marketing and human resources students and a graduate program for business and law students.

The alliance will also contribute to regional leadership, with the creation of the Digital Leaders Forum.

More info: GMHBA partners with Deakin to address workforce shortages and boost job opportunities for students