GMHBA's history

The foundation of GMHBA dates back to 1934, in Geelong. Concerned about the rising costs of healthcare, a group of workers from the Australian Cement Company developed the Cement Workers Hospital Benefits Scheme – a health insurance scheme designed to protect families. Their concept was simple; if they pooled their resources together, they could support each other and ensure they all enjoyed quality health care.

The demand for public access to this health benefits scheme grew and a new ‘open’ scheme was formed at a public meeting called by the Mayor of Geelong. The new fund was able to provide cover for people who were not employed in the industrial sector.

During the next decade the ‘open’ health insurance fund grew rapidly and the industrial based schemes gradually transferred their operations and membership to the open fund.

Demand for membership also grew outside of Geelong. One town at a time, GMHBA established new branches, employed local people and became an active member of the community.

In 1958, the fund adopted the name of ‘Geelong Medical and Hospital Benefits Association’, commonly known as GMHBA. The company formally changed its name to GMHBA Limited in October 2000.

From the fund's humble beginnings in 1934, GMHBA has grown to become Australia's leading regionally based health insurer. Today, we provide private health insurance to thousands of individuals and families across Australia. GMHBA remains a not-for-profit, 100% member-based organisation and is an active contributor in building the health and wellbeing of communities.