GMHBA’s range of hospital covers often feature an excess to let members share some of the cost of hospital admissions in return for lower premiums. The excess has an annual cap, meaning that it is only payable once per person (if applicable) per calendar year.

A hospital cover excess is deducted from the benefit paid by GMHBA to the hospital.

For example, if GMHBA’s full benefit for a hospital stay was $5,000 and the member has a $500 excess on their hospital cover, the benefit paid to the hospital would reduce by the amount of the excess and an adjusted benefit of $4,500 would be paid by GMHBA, with the member paying $500.

Where one member on a Couples, Family or Single Parent cover is admitted to hospital they will only pay a maximum excess amount per person as opposed to the maximum amount per membership.

Same day stays

Depending on your cover, you may have no excess, half excess or full excess payment required for a same day hospital stay. Please refer to your fact sheet or log into the member area for more information.

Child dependants under 21

All GMHBA Gold and Silver hospital covers (except Silver Hospital NCP – not for sale) feature no excess for child dependants when admitted to a private hospital. Please refer to your fact sheet or log into the member area for more information. 

Excess levels on GMHBA's Hospital covers

There are two different excess levels available on eligible products:

Excess Single Couples & Families
Level 2 $500 $1,000
Level 3 $750 $1,500


Our online quote tool includes the excess levels so that you can see the differences in price for each level.