Associations and partnerships

GMHBA has an active role in the health insurance sector with representation in Private Healthcare Australia, AHSA and other relevant associations.

Private Healthcare Australia

Private Healthcare Australia logo

GMHBA is an active member of Private Healthcare Australia

The role and objectives of the Association are:

  • To foster and promote the principles, practice, development and philosophy of voluntary health insurance
  • To make representations and submissions where deemed necessary or desirable to the appropriate persons or authorities in respect of any matter affecting the interests of members
  • To provide a medium through which opinions of members may be ascertained or expressed
  • The other objectives for which the Association is established are:
    • To consult and liaise with relevant national, international and institutional authorities and agencies in Australia and overseas;
    • To maintain close cooperation with departments and agencies of the Government of Australia in order to be fully informed as to Government policies relating to voluntary health insurance;
    • To encourage by such means as the Association deems appropriate the interest and participation of the Australian public in the activities of the Association and its members. 

Committees that we have representation include:

  • Private Healthcare Australia Fraud and Security Committee
  • Private Healthcare Australia Relations Committee
  • Private Healthcare Australia Providers Committee

GMHBA believe it is important to have an active representation at this Committee as it is a forum to share common problems with other Funds and to work together to resolve common issues.

Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA)

Australian Health Service Alliance logo

The Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA) is a company that represents a number of Registered Private Health Funds across Australia. AHSA has its head office in Melbourne and Branch offices in Sydney and Adelaide.

The AHSA is responsible for facilitating arrangements between hospitals, doctors and health service providers on behalf of its participating funds.