Published 31 Aug 2021

Women’s Health Week is an annual event that encourages everyone to consider the importance of women’s health and wellbeing, and to empower all women to make the best choices for themselves.

Individuals, communities, and workplaces are encouraged to get involved in this important week. There’s plenty of useful resources available via the Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week website, and you might consider hosting an online event- even if it’s just to chat, share some resources, and connect with the women in your life. Sign up to the Women’s Health Week email newsletter here for resources and opportunities available throughout the week.

GMHBA have partnered with G21- Geelong Region Alliance, City of Greater Geelong, Bellarine Community Health, Barwon Health and Active Geelong to provide you with more resources relating to each of these themes throughout the week. All these resources are available online at any time, no matter where you are. Take your time and explore the resources we’ve collected for you below.

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Move it Monday!


Get inspired and read about all the Women kicking goals in the world of sport, then check out Active Geelong’s Movement Mag: Women in Sport Edition

Need more motivation? Here’s Five reasons move more.

Read about how the Barwon Health Emergency Department found ways to connect with each other and stay mentally and physically healthy through a 10,000-step challenge.


From GMHBA’s Healthier Together podcast series, hear Bree Filippone, founder of The Finishr, talk about getting started with exercise.


Watch this short animation from Jean Hailes on three ways to include incidental exercise throughout your day.

Get inspired from Active Geelong’s leading experts and partners discussing all things ‘active’.

Try GMHBA’s Low Impact Exercise Program, which features 20-minute workouts for beginners.

The City of Greater Geelong have collected many helpful online, no cost workout videos you can access while at home. 

Get Active Victoria is free to join, and gives you access to a huge resource of tips and tools for being more physically active.

You can also access workout videos from This Girl Can, and Exercise Right.


The Barwon Health, Healthy Communities team has put together an Active Living page full of top tips, advice and resources to help you move a little more in your home and work life.

Check out the Active Geelong Resources Archive for plenty of great ideas about how to get everyone moving!

Tuesday: Tricky periods

Today’s focus is on the menstrual cycle, including helping women to understand what’s normal, and what might be a concern.


About Bloody Time by Karen Pickering & Jane Bennet looks explores myths, taboos and shame around menstruation and menopause.


GMHBA’s Healthier Together podcast series brings you two important listens on this topics. Hear Dr Rosie Worsley, endocrinologist, discuss peri-menopause and menopause, then hear from Dr Sonia Davison, also an endocrinologist, about knowing your hormones.


Do you experience heavy periods? Check out this short video from Jean Hailes for more information.

This webinar from Jean Hailes features Dr Sonia Davison answering questions about menopause management and available therapies.


Why not try out a period tracker app on your phone, like Clue, to help you understand how your body works and what to anticipate with each cycle.

Wednesday: Private Lives

Today’s focus is on sexual health and sexuality, including boosting libido and how to have conversations about this topic.


The City of Greater Geelong have collected a wide range of resources designed to help you ensure your relationships are positive and supportive.

Do you have young people in your life who are curious about relationships and sexuality? Better Health Channel has this guide to having tricky conversations.


Sex can be painful for some women. Listen to this discussion with Jean Hailes GP Dr Amanda Newman from ABC Life Matters to find out more about what might be the cause.


Check out Rosie, a place where women can connect with resources all centred around a theme of respect: for your body, mind, relationships, at work and for the world we live in.

Do you have questions about contraception, pregnancy or sexual health? Get in touch with 1800 My Options and explore their website.

Visit Family Planning Victoria who have a focus on reproductive and sexual health care, education and advocacy.

Thursday: Mind Matters

Today’s focus is on mental health, and the particular challenges and nuances associated with ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.


City of Greater Geelong have a wide range of resources in one place that explore the different aspects of mental wellbeing. 

GMHBA has many relevant articles that can support your mental health and wellbeing. Read this piece about maintaining good quality family relationships, or this one about breathing exercises, to get started.


Listen to this podcast from GMHBA’s Healthier Together podcast series with Lorelle Zemunik from Mental Health Victoria, discussing anxiety and depression in ourselves and others.


Watch this discussion with Women’s Health Week ambassador and psychologist Caroline Anderson, in which she discusses ways to nurture good mental wellbeing.

Last year, Leisure Networks held this discussion between Sarah Albon, Head of Community, and Dr Dom Condo, about how to manage mental health.


Violence against women is a common and serious problem that isn’t always easy to identify. Build your understanding of this topic via Barwon Health’s resource page.

Barwon Health is a key partner in the Institute for Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation (IMPACT). IMPACT develops new and effective responses to mental and physical health for our community. Find out about the research, opportunities and up to date information at IMPACT.

Have you considered doing Mental Health First Aid Training? Training is one way to increase your knowledge, reduce stigma around mental health, and best of all, anyone can do it. Here’s a few links to courses that might be of interest to you:

Friday: Slumber Party!

Today’s focus is on sleep, its importance for a healthy and thriving life, and getting a better understanding of women’s propensity for sleep deprivation.


Ready for a good night’s sleep? Check out this article from GMHBA for the best ways to get good-quality rest.

This article from the City of Greater Geelong explains why sleeping well is so important for health.


GMHBA’s Healthier Together podcast series has plenty for you on this topic. Hear about science-based sleep hacks with Professor Dorothy Buck, infant sleep and settling with Cindy Davenport, Director of Safe Sleep Space, and learn about sleep disorders and their treatment from Dr Andrew Bradbeer.

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Looking after you

GMHBA supports Women’s Health Week as one of the many ways that we can support and empower our communities to live healthier lives. Talking about your life and health issues can be daunting, but you’re not alone in the experience, or in the resolution. If you’re unsure where to start, your GP can guide you.