10 tips to get more movement in your day

Published 01 Feb 2024

We asked Healthier Together readers for their top tips to get extra movement in the day. The results are in, and these tried and tested ideas are sure to up your step count, get the blood pumping and help you to incorporate more activity in your day – sometimes without even knowing you’re doing it.


1. Go the distance

“Park your car further away than you need and walk to your destination.”

An oldie but a goodie, adding bonus steps to your journey is a quick way for incidental movement. Taking the stairs instead of the escalator or lift and parking at the back of the supermarket car park are some great ways to get some extra distance in your day. Even try carrying your shopping bags to your car for a quick weights session! 


2. Workout while you wait

“If you’re in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil or your meal to cook, use this time to fit in some push-ups, squats or dips and use the counter tops as supports.”

You can also do calf raises by standing on your tip toes. This is a great one to do while brushing your teeth.


3. Make the most of your workday

“Dodge the lifts and take the stairs. Forget email replies – deliver answers in person, with a wide smile.”

Joining meetings in person instead of online when in the office is a good way to not only get movement but also connect. Keeping a glass of water on your desk, rather than a bottle means you'll rack up more steps to refil and is a great break from the screen for your eyes.


4. Set realistic goals

“Initially set an achievable daily step goal and commit to getting these done – once you start you will find the time to make it happen. Better yet, do the challenge with a partner or friend for a little extra motivation.”


5. Pump it up

“Put on your favourite playlist and dance around while vacuuming or washing the windows.”

Many music streamline services even have pre-made playlists by genre or heart rate. Love a slow jog to early noughties indy music? There’s a playlist for that!


6. Leave the car at home

“Try not to use your car. Instead, walk, ride or catch public transport. This helps to get more active and save money at the same time.”


7. Look into your dog’s eyes

“You’ll see them saying to you “Please walk me”. Walking your dog is good for both of you!”


8. Take a detour

“Put your walking shoes on before leaving work and go for a walk before returning home. This removes the mental barrier of leaving the house again once you get home.”

And if you don’t need to leave the house, you can still ‘commute’ to your day at home. A quick walk around the block to start and end your day helps build routine and increase activity.


9. Get active with the kids

“Use some you prepared earlier or spend time with granchildren or family friends.”

Fur families count too! Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog!


10. Plan ahead

“Book yourself a trek or hiking trip that you’ve always wanted to do. Set a training plan and do those extra steps to get you there.”

If you want to stay more local, there’s some great community charity walking events like Surf Coast Trek, Oxfam Trailwalker and Coastrek that support you and a team to get out for good.