Members Own Health Fund

Members Own Health Funds (MOHF) is an alliance of 15 not for profit and mutual Australian health funds including GMHBA Health Insurance.

Members Own Health Fund MemberMembers Own Health Funds has been created to ensure not-for-profit and mutual health funds, like GMHBA, can effectively communicate the advantages they provide over funds driven by the profit needs of shareholders and overseas owners, such as Medibank Private, BUPA and NIB.

The Members Own Health Funds brand carries the promise that participating funds:

  • Are run to benefit members - not shareholders or overseas owners
  • On average give more (of members' premiums) back to members
  • Offer a better, more personalised service to their members

The message is clear - with Members Own Health Funds people are treated as a member, not a number or a profit centre. Members Own Health Funds deliver better service, have higher member satisfaction and loyalty, and receive fewer complaints than for-profit and overseas owned funds.

GMHBA - A Members Own Health Fund

For over 80 years, we've been driven by the belief that health insurance should be run to benefit members, not shareholders.

As a not for profit fund, we’re passionate about offering members great value health insurance whilst supporting the health and wellbeing of our local communities.

Being not for profit means we can provide:

  • Affordable premiums
  • Good refunds
  • Freedom of choice and
  • Great services

If you're with one of the big health funds, your premium is helping to generate profits for shareholders. We think that's wrong. You should get the benefits of the health insurance you pay for. At GMHBA we believe in People Not Profit, that's why we'll always put you first. Find out more at

The data used to support Members Own facts has been independently validated by KPMG. Access the report.