Rehabilitation in the home

Undertake all or part of your rehabilitation within the privacy, comfort and security of your home.

What is rehabilitation in the home?

Rehabilitation in the home (RITH) is a substitute for inpatient rehabilitation. It provides services that would otherwise be provided in a rehabilitation facility: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, speech pathology, nursing, care coordination in one’s own home.  It must involve a multidisciplinary team (it is not just physio). Personal care and domestic services can be provided, but only if therapy is required. It is not only for the convenience of home visits alone and must replace an inpatient rehabilitation hospital admission.

Who qualifies for RITH?

  • Members who would otherwise need to stay in hospital for inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Members with any level of hospital cover.
  • Members who have been admitted to a hospital for surgical and medical conditions including:
    • Orthopaedic surgeries or joint replacements
    • Spinal conditions and surgeries
    • Respiratory and cardiac conditions
    • Mobility problems and deconditioning

Members must go directly from a hospital admission to RITH, one cannot be admitted from home or an Emergency Department or have already commenced inpatient rehabilitation and then seek to transfer to RITH.

How do members get referred to RITH?

Members can be referred to RITH services by the hospital discharge planner, allied health team or the treating doctor. This is a request sent in for review and does require to meet the clinical requirements for a RITH Program prior to approval. A referral does not mean you will approved for the RITH program. The referrer will be notified prior to discharge of the outcome.

Can a member request services?

Members can discuss RITH with their doctor or hospital discharge planning service.  It is a clinical referral and must come from the doctor or hospital discharge planning service, this is not something one can self-refer to. There needs to be a clinical reason for the program.

Who provides RITH for our members?

Currently we have an arrangement in place with Remedy and HSS to provide RITH services to our members.  The hospital (usually the hospital discharge planning service) contacts Remedy/HSS who then contact GMHBA for approval to provide services to our member.  Once an outcome on the referral has been confirmed by GMBHA, Remedy/HSS will organise & commence services.

What if a member has been discharged and thinks they may need Rehabilitation?

If a member is not coping at home the best plan of care for them is to attend their GP or the consultant who was responsible for their care during hospitalisation.  Once they are discharged home a RITH referral is not possible.