GMHBA’s new brand campaign

Published 11 May 2023

GMHBA’s new advertising campaign shines an empathic light on the stories of everyday Australians in a way that is not often represented by the health insurance industry.

GMHBA Health Insurance was built from humble beginnings, founded by locals who wanted to provide and care for their families and their community. Over 85 years later, GMHBA is the largest regional, not for profit Health Insurer in Australia with our community and members still at the heart of everything we do.

We’re really proud of our new advertising campaign, where we share the stories of real people, real members, and real situations.

Helen Stevens, Chief Marketing Officer at GMHBA, says, “It was really important that we created a campaign that expressed who we are as a brand, and what we stand for in a category that is largely undifferentiated. We wanted to shift the focus from healthy decisions to human decisions, in a way that feels authentic to our members, our history and our purpose. This work reiterates that as a business, we're here to provide the care you need for the life you live.”

We wanted to share real stories, of real people, with a promise that we’re there to support GMHBA members – in every decision that makes them human.”

Watch our new campaign here.
GMHBA member story

GMHBA member and Geelong locals, Michael Stangel and his wife, Jodie are featured in one of our commercials ‘Because tough isn’t always’.

Over 10 years ago, Michael received a brain cancer diagnosis and was given three months to live.

"My dad always said 'keep your private health insurance' but you think I'm pretty fit, it won't happen to me. But it did". 

"My private health insurance let me choose the best brain surgeon in Australia and access the best facilities... Without private health insurance, I would have been in the public system and who knows what would have happened. The quality of care I received; I really truly do believe is why I'm standing here today."

Michael says, “It's not how long you'll live, it's what you do with it" and GMHBA Health Insurance is proud to support our members’ health.

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