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Next time you visit the dentist or the chiropractor you could get up to 75% back.

Up to 75% back on extras? How?

Join a GMHBA extras cover and enjoy the benefits of your health insurance.

Do I have to choose a specific provider?

No. We believe in freedom of choice, so as long as your provider is registered with the appropriate board for their field we pay the same benefits. This means you can use your regular dentist, optometrist or physio and still claim (as long as the service is included in your cover of course).

Pricing covers Single, aged 30 living in VIC earning $90,000 or less, base tier government rebate. Excludes . Prices and displayed products can change if details vary.

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Get $200 off for couples, families, and single parents and $100 off for singles when joining on combined cover by October 14*

*For new members who have not been a member during the last 12 months joining on combined cover paying by direct debit. Must pay first month premium to receive discount. Discount will be applied by 15 December 2021. Offer only available via GMHBA website, phone and branch or GMHBA corporate program. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 14 October 2021.

Extras cover FAQs

What is extras cover?

Extras cover is a type of health insurance that pays benefits towards general treatments such as dental, optometry and natural therapies. This means you’ll get money back when you take care of your health, creating a more affordable everyday health routine.

There are a range of extras covers you can compare and choose from. The best extras covers will include the basics such as physiotherapy and osteopathy, as well as more specific care such as acupuncture and psychology.

Is extras cover worth it?

Whether you’re single, starting a family or recently retired, extras cover is a great way to support and maintain your health. It gives you peace of mind to focus on your health instead of the cost so you can make the appointments you need without worrying about the bill.

You can choose to be covered for general therapies such as major dental or opt for more comprehensive cover that includes natural therapies like acupuncture. The flexibility within extras allows you to stay on top of everyday health and still seek specific care should you need it.

With starting a family comes the need for more health care more often. Choosing an extras policy with inclusions such as vaccinations, podiatry and orthodontics means your family is taken care of and you’ll have more back in your pocket.

Can you get just extras cover?

At GMHBA we give you flexible options which is why you have the option to choose extras cover only without hospital if that’s what’s best for you right now. There is a range of extras covers to compare and choose from so you can find the perfect policy for you or your family.

Do I need extras cover?

Extras cover is completely optional so there’s no obligation to sign up for a policy if you don’t need it. However, extras cover is a great way to ensure peace of mind when it comes to your health care and can reduce the risk of big out of pocket expenses.

How does extras cover work?

There are different levels of extras so it’s important to know whether you want the cheapest extras cover or the best. The level of the cover you choose will determine how many different types of general treatments are covered and will affect the waiting periods that apply.

Different benefits will be paid towards treatments depending on your insurer and that will determine what your out of pocket expenses will be. It’s a requirement that the health provider you choose to see is registered in their field in order for the benefits to be paid.

With most providers you will be able to claim at the time of the appointment and the benefit will be paid straight back onto your card. In some cases you may need to claim through your health insurance provider.

There are varying annual limits applied to each service so always read the product disclosure statement so you know what you’re entitled to claim.

Can you claim extras cover on tax?

If you have extras cover you are able to claim the private health insurance rebate from the government. Your eligibility to claim the rebate is determined by your age and income and can affect the amount you are entitled to, in some cases making you ineligible should your income be considered too high.

Does extras cover Medicare Levy Surcharge?

It’s important to know that extras only cover is different to hospital cover and will not make you exempt from the Medicare Levy Surcharge if it applies. If you are considered over the income threshold and wish to avoid the surcharge you are required to hold an eligible private hospital cover.