Healthy Heroes aims to empower kids to make good choices about their health and wellbeing. 

With families staying in these school holidays, we’re sharing a collection of bit-size activities, resources and tools to help your kids become Healthy Heroes at home!

Eat like a Healthy Hero

For more recipes, check out the Healthy Heroes recipe book. With snacks the kids can make themselves, these recipes will have even the fussiest eaters munching on veggies.

Download the Healthy Heroes e-book

Mini mindful moments

There’s a lot happening in the world at the moment that might be making kids anxious.

Mindful moments are a collection of bite-size activities to help kids remain calm and focused.

You can find Mindful Moments here.

Make a chatterbox

Download and make the Healthy Heroes chatterbox for a fun way to keep the kids active.

This is a great tool to get your kids thinking about exercise, hydration, eating right and having some fun!

Download the Healthy Heroes Chatterbox

Brain breaks

With everyone cooped up at home it’s good to take a break and have some fun! Brain breaks are a collection of bit-size activities to get kids moving.

You can find more brain breaks here.

A partnership program with Geelong Cats, Deakin University and GMHBA, Healthy Heroes is a program presented to grade three and four students in the Geelong region.