Keeping active at home

We’re helping you stay healthier at home with exercise videos, tips and resources to help you keep active. 

Low impact exercise video program

If you’re new to exercise it can be hard to find the right online class to suit your needs. We’ve partnered with local Exercise Scientist Bree Filippone to create a low impact, beginners exercise video program you can do from home.

Stronger Together with the Geelong Cats

To help you stay healthier at home, we've enlisted the help of some of your favourite Cats players. These fitness sessions are the perfect way to change up your routine and give something new a go!


Getting started with exercise

With Bree Filippone from the HIIT project and The Finishr

Physio tips on how to improve your running

With Andy Chalmers from Geelong Physiotherapy

How to eat to boost your energy levels

With Mel Bald the Health and Nutrition Coordinator at GMHBA

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No out of pocket physiotherapy

In partnership with Kieser, GMHBA members will have access to telehealth and face-to-face physiotherapy with no out of pocket costs up to your annual limits.

Kieser offers an innovative program that integrates the benefits of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and strength training. Kieser offers evidence based and individualised programs, with a network of 270 health professionals throughout Australia. 

Access to Kieser Konnect app

GMHBA members will also have free access to Kieser Konnect, to participate in specialised strength and conditioning programs at home. Your program in the app can be personalised following a telehealth consultation with a Kieser physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy at home with Geelong Physiotherapy

At GMHBA, we’re proud of our commitment to providing care to our local Geelong community. This is why benefits for telehealth and face-to-face physiotherapy consultations with no out of pocket costs up to your annual limits will also be available to GMHBA members in partnership with our own physiotherapy practice, Geelong Physiotherapy. This is available for both local Geelong members, as well as our members outside of Geelong.