Low impact exercise video program

If you’re new to exercise it can be hard to find the right online class to suit your needs. We’ve partnered with local Exercise Scientist Bree Filippone to create a low impact, beginners exercise video program you can do from home.

Getting started

Find a space in your home, inside or out, where you can move freely. Get your simple equipment ready and a bottle of water to hydrate as you go.

Each 20-minute workout starts with a warm up then moves into the exercise component, all guided by Bree. She will even give you advice on how to make the exercise easier or more challenging depending on your needs and ability.

Finish your session with a cool down walk and stretch.

You can keep track of your progress using the Active Geelong physical activity recording sheet.


We recommend you seek the advice of your doctor or health professional before starting an exercise program. Please see full disclaimer below. 

Meet your coach

Bree Filippone is a qualified Personal Trainer & Exercise Scientist with years of industry experience in exercise rehabilitation, sports performance and everyday wellbeing and fitness. 

Bree studied Exercise and Sports Sciences majoring in exercise programming and physiology at Deakin University. Since graduating she founded and is the head coach of The HIIT Project, The Finishr and is a coach at Life Hub. 

Workout videos

Week 1 - Workout 1 - Strength

Equipment: 1x chair, 1x bench or table

Week 1 - Workout 2 - Cardio 

Equipment: 1x chair, 1x step, hand weights (optional)

Week 2 - Workout 1 - Strength

Equipment: 1x chair, hand weights (optional)

Week 2 - Workout 2 - Balance

Equipment: 1x chair/bench

Week 3 - Workout 1 - Strength and cardio

Equipment: 1x chair/bench, 1x step, hand weights (optional)

Week 3 - Workout 2 - Strength

Equipment: 1x chair, 1x floormat or towel (optional)

Week 4 - Workout 1 - Strength and balance

Equipment: 1x chair, 1x book (or hand weights)

Week 4 - Workout 2 - Core 

Equipment: 1x floormat or towel (optional) 1x chair

Bree Filippone - Podcast

Getting started with exercise



We recommend you seek the advice of your doctor or other health professional before starting an exercise program. These videos are not intended to be, and do not constitute medical or individual advice.  Information during these videos is for educational and informational purposes only and is made available to you as a tool to support your own wellbeing. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to assess if the activity is suitable for their individual skill or ability. The content provided is designed to support, not replace, medical treatment. GMHBA does not accept legal liability or responsibility for the content, advice or information, or any consequences arising from its use.

If you choose to undertake a home exercise session, you do so at your own risk and hold yourself responsible for any loss or damage you might suffer from your participation in the video session. Please ensure you undertake any exercise at your own pace and within your personal limitations and ensure that your exercise space is safe and that you perform the exercises safely.