Step 9 - After your treatment

After a hospital stay

It’s important to take care of yourself after you’ve been discharged from hospital. Your specialist should provide post-surgery instructions that explain what to expect during recovery and who to contact if things don’t seem quite right. If you don’t get these instructions, ask for them. You may also want to ask some of these questions before leaving hospital:

  • When should I make follow up appointments with my GP and specialist?
  • Will I need physiotherapy or other rehabilitation services?
  • When can I resume all my usual activities and return to work?
  • Can you supply me with a medical certificate for my employer?
GMHBA Member Programs

GMHBA is here to support your recovery. We have some member programs that may be beneficial for your recovery.  These programs include Hospital in the Home, Rehabilitation in the Home and our Care Coordination Service.

Hospital bills

You are unlikely to receive a bill from your hospital as they will usually bill GMHBA directly. You will generally need to pay any excess and other out-of-pocket costs before your admission.

If you do receive a hospital bill relating to your admission, please contact us.

Need more information?

For information about what to do if you receive bills related to your hospital stay, you can find more information here 

If you have any questions or require more information, we encourage you to contact us.