Transition Lenses

Published 21 Mar 2022

Have you heard about transition lenses? Have you ever thought about getting transition lenses? Hopefully we can answer some of your questions about Transition lenses and how you could benefit from them in your next pair of glasses.

Simply put transition means change.
The process of changing from one state to another.

Transition lenses, also known as photochromatic lenses, are the lenses that darken outdoors and lighten indoors.

Activated by UV rays in sunlight, transition lenses are a great option to protect your eyes from those harmful rays. This is important as exposure to UV rays increases the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. These lenses can also help with reducing glare, light sensitivity and eye strain symptoms.

Lifestyle Convenience:
• Transition lenses can be worn all day every day, just like your normal pair of glasses.
• No need to switch between prescription glasses and sunglasses, transition lenses allow you to use the same pair whether you are indoors or outdoors.
• Transition lenses automatically clear when you walk indoors, no need to remove sunglasses.
• They allow you to leave the house with one pair of glasses and still be protected from both the sunlight and UV light when you go outdoors.
• This can make transition lenses a very cost-effective option, they are effectively two-in-one, your clear glasses and your sunglasses.

But I don’t need glasses all the time?
These lenses are available in single vision, multifocal, bifocal and other lens designs.

Are you moving between indoors and outdoors throughout the day and always carrying around two pairs of glasses? This can get very annoying and not to mention, glasses can be misplaced when they are not being worn.

Do you have reading glasses but like to read outside and sometimes find yourself putting your sunglasses over the top of your reading glasses? Transition lenses would allow you to have the same pair of glasses for no matter where you are reading.

Transition lenses can be ordered with an anti-reflective coating which enhance the lens performance by allowing a greater amount of light to pass through which not only gives sharper clarity of vision but also allows for quicker rate for the colour transition.

Anti-reflective coating reduces the light reflections from all directions which also improves the aesthetics of the lens. Premium anti-reflective coatings, can enhance the features includes scratch and smudge resistance and repels dust and water.

I still love sunglasses.
Sunglasses are a great companion for when transitions don’t receive the right conditions to fully transition. As wonderful as transitions are, you may still benefit from separate sunglasses.

Car windscreens are designed to block out UV light, meaning when driving or in the car, transition lenses will not go near as dark as standard sunglasses.

This is the same for some weather conditions too, you may find the lenses do not go as dark on overcast days compared to those sunny days due to the varying UV levels.

Are you ready to change?
Twenty years ago we were using Transition Plus (version 2), now we are on to signature 8.

Transition lenses are constantly evolving as the technology is developed meaning more improved wearability. The latest generation of transition lenses have the ability to change colour faster than ever before but also go darker outdoors and clearer indoors. Like sunglasses, these lenses are also available in a selection of different colours – grey, brown, green, emerald, sapphire, amethyst and amber meaning we can help you select the one to best suit you and your lifestyle.

If you are interested in trying transition lenses or would like to know more, please speak to our GMHBA Eye Care dispensers or optometrists who are here to help. 

About the author

Alice Bongers is an optometrist at GMHBA Eye Care. Alice completed her Optometry Masters/Bachelor of Vision Science at Deakin University in 2016. Alice has been a part of the GMHBA team for over 2 years and has a broad interest in all aspects of optometry.