Supercharge your life

Often feel like you’re struggling through the day, tired, half-asleep, walking around like a zombie? You’re not alone. High-intensity exercise is one sure-fire way to wake up and feel energised, but what about those weeks when you’re just too busy to fit a gym session in? Forget the multiple lattes, there are much better ways to blast through the day.

We have pulled together five simple ways you can supercharge your life, so you’re bouncing with energy and making the most of every moment.

1. Supercharge your sleep

Your brain is a buzzing hive of activity. So when night time comes, it needs rest to organise everything that’s happened during the day. Aim for eight solid hours of sleep to gain your best health and vitality levels. Tips on how to get those eight hours of sleep include:

  • Going to bed at a set time every night;
  • Putting down your phone or device to avoid any bright screens well before you’re set to hit the hay;
  • Taking deep breaths with your eyes shut when you’re lying in bed ready to sleep;
  • In the morning try and expose yourself to bright sunlight – keep a curtain half open or eat breakfast by a window. The early morning sunlight sends your brain a message to slow production of sleep inducing melatonin and start production of adrenaline, making it easier to wake up;

Follow these tips and you’ll wake up feeling naturally refreshed.

2. Exercise in minutes

Too tired to exercise? Well it’s ironic, as the more you move the more energised you’ll feel. There is no better way to feel more awake than exercising. Whether it’s running, throwing a football around or hitting the gym, exercise boosts energy levels, and gets the blood flowing to improve circulation and heart strength. Even a ten minute walk gets your blood pumping and provides energy for two hours. So even if you’re snowed under and you’ve hit that pesky afternoon wall, just get up and take a quick walk around the block. Not only does this liven your body up but it serves as a mental refresh as well.

3. Stretch it out

Whether you’ve been sitting most of the day at a desk or up and about, a great way to wake your body up and stay alert is extending your body. So stand up and stretch those legs, arms and everything else. It’ll help keep you awake, as extending your chest pulls oxygen into the body, twisting helps improve blood circulation, and stretching your limbs stimulates the body’s lymphatic system - which in turn cleanses pollutants.

There are a few simple and effective ways to do this. Try rolling your neck for 20 seconds. Or, stand in a doorway facing forward, your arms gripping the doorframe then push your chest forward until you feel the stretch. Hold it for 30 and you’re done. Easy.

4. Get your 2 & 5 a day

Good nutrition can improve brain functions such as memory and focus.  Antioxidants such as berries, particularly blueberries, leafy green vegetables, beetroot, avocado, broccoli, celery are particularly good at improving mental sharpness.

Add these into your daily fruit and vegetable intake and your mind will benefit!

5. Sip more water

Almost two-thirds of your body is water and dehydration is a leading cause of a lack of energy. If you’re lacking water your brain triggers your body to maintain your water balance instead of fuelling you with energy. So, if you’re thirsty you’re more likely to be sluggish.

Have a glass of the clear stuff when you get up in the morning, to kick-start your metabolism and refresh your brain. Then during the day make sure you sip your way through about two litres.