Be your best at your desk

There’s no better time than now to get into the regular routine of stretching and mobilising your body when you’re working at a desk. Here are some top tips on how to be your best when working at a desk thanks to Andy Chalmers, a physiotherapist from GMHBA's Geelong Physiotherapy practice.


For those working at a desk, a good ergonomic setup is an essential component for preventing aches, pains or even injury.

Ergonomic means anything related to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.

WorkSafe has an extensive guide to setting up a safe office space and an ergonomic work station. Correct ergonomics combined with regular movement and a simple stretching and mobility routine is the recipe for success.

Motion is lotion

The key to good joint health is to remember the saying “motion is lotion”. Movement is good for your joints and muscles​ as it increases lubrication in the joint, which keeps it healthy.

The most important thing you can do if you work at a desk or remain in one position for a long time (think watching tv or driving), is to get yourself up and moving or alternate your posture as much as possible​.

You might do this by setting regular 30-45-minute reminders on your phone or computer​. When the alarm sounds, change position, get up and move or do some simple stretching and mobility exercises.

Stretching and mobility exercises

Do a few stretches regularly throughout the day to help with mobility and flexibility of the neck, upper back and lower back.

Warm up your muscles first with some gentle shoulder rolls and neck rotations. When stretching, you should feel a gentle stretch sensation without pain and move within your own limits.

Some great online example of desk stretching, and mobility routines can be found here:

For more information

These generic tips and exercises may not be suited to your individual needs or condition. They also don’t replace a proper consult with your physiotherapist, doctor or other allied health professional. Please contact one of these individuals if you have any concerns​.

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