Ageing skin – look younger for longer

We’re all getting older. Some of us like it, some of us fear it, but it’s something that we will all need to deal with at some point. Thankfully ageing naturally is back in style yet we can still be doing our best to keep our skin looking great whatever age we are. Skin ageing affects each person differently but there are some consistent elements and tricks that we can all use to keep our skin vibrant, glowing and healthy.

The harsh Australian sun 

Sun damage accounts for nearly 80% of our skin’s ageing. And a life outside under our famous Australian sun is something we shouldn’t have to sacrifice to keep our skin beautiful.

While we all know that we should be ‘slip slop slapping’, in practice Australians are confused about sunscreen, with 85 per cent of us not applying enough. "Sunscreen offers the best protection from damaging UV". Not only is it vital for our safety, sunscreen is your most important tool in the fight against skin ageing. Applying SPF 50+ everyday will keep your skin looking younger for longer by simple virtue of fighting off those UV rays. 

And sunscreen isn’t just for beauty. If you live in Australia you are more likely to have a skin cancer in your lifetime than not. The Cancer Council tells us that around two thirds of Australian’s will be diagnosed with one by the age of 70. So keep your skin healthy, stay safe and slip, slop, slap seek and slide.

Your beauty sleep

Another simple way to keep skin looking young is certainly the easiest of all. Sleep! Deep sleep is essential for restoring all parts of your body and your skin is no different. WebMD tells us that sleep increases the body’s blood flow, which not only improves your hair strength and health but gives your skin that lovely, full glow. Shut-eye is also your body’s opportunity to restore collagen, an essential ingredient to prevent skin stretching and sagging. Without the recommended 7-9 hours a night you will start to notice puffy eyes, dull colourless skin and people telling you that you look tired. None of which are much fun.

Sleeping on smooth pillows can also help in the long run. Most of us will naturally sleep on one side of our face, so over time the wrinkles in the fabric will wear away at that half quicker than the other. High quality silk or satin pillows are a great investment to help your face age evenly, but more so they’re great if you just love a good night’s sleep.

Top tips

There is plenty that you can do to help your skin fight the signs of ageing but here are our Top 5 tips to remember to keep your skin looking great.

1. Get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. If you’re finding that 7 hours isn’t enough, try sleep for longer. We all have different bodies and needs, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sleep.

2. Cut back on the alcohol. Alcohol is very adept at depleting our Vitamin A levels. We need Vitamin A to produce collagen and if we can’t produce collagen our skin very quickly can become weak and unhealthy. If you’re a smoker, quit now. Every cigarette you smoke starves your skin of oxygen, which is as bad as it sounds.

3. Choose fresh food. Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to delay the ageing process. Over 90 percent of Australians don’t eat enough veggies Where you can, avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates.

4. Use Sunscreen! Sounds simple but some of us need the reminder. Reapply per the instructions and ensure you’re using at least a teaspoon per a limb.

5. Drink 2 litres of water every day. Staying hydrated is so important. Skin needs moisture to not only stay healthy, but to look healthy. Proper hydration has so many natural benefits for the body and it is always going to be your body’s best natural defence against skin ageing.

Age beautifully

Looking healthy has nothing to do with age. If you look after your skin and take care of yourself properly, beauty will naturally follow. Follow these tips and you’re sure to find your skin looking younger for longer.