Advice for expecting or new parents during COVID-19

It’s definitely a strange time in the world and probably even more so if you’re pregnant, have just given birth or are still adjusting to parenthood. COVID-19 has turned most things on its head, leaving majority of the population feeling stressed, confused and in isolation.

As a new or expecting parent, you may be feeling particularly anxious and overwhelmed at the moment. And we acknowledge that many expectant or new parents may be struggling.

Traditional antenatal classes and support groups are no longer running due to social distancing and securing an appointment with your maternal or child health practitioner might be a lot more difficult.

If you’re feeling lonely, stressed and isolated with a young child, here are some ways to help get through these strange times.

  • Communicate with your supports/friends/family – there are various ways to stay in touch. Decide how often you want to connect through video or via phone. Set up a regular chat or a family Zoom party.
  • Stick to your usual schedules where possible – including time for some self-care for both parents.
  • Exercise as much as you can. Exercise is a great way to help you not only physically but emotionally
  • Mindfulness for all – a great way to calm our emotions and there are many mindfulness apps for adults and children

GMHBA’s New Family Program can also assist those of you who may be affected by all this. We want to assure our members that you're not alone. 

We’ve partnered with Safe Sleep Space and Nourish Baby to provide you with early parenting educational and support services from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Our New Family Program helps you to navigate the challenges of pregnancy and welcoming a new baby into the family and includes:

  • 12 months’ access to the Nourish Baby antenatal and early parenting learning hub.
  • iCOPE emotional health screening.
  • Phone consultations for sleep and settling issues.

Members with eligible GMHBA pregnancy cover who are pregnant or have a newborn can access the program. You can find out more and register here.