Frequently Asked Questions

Find information on your cover, payments, claiming and managing your membership.

My cover

If you know what changes you’d like to make to your cover, you can make these changes in the member area. However, we recommend contacting GMHBA to assist with a cover review to ensure you have the right cover for your needs.

Any changes you make to your cover in the member area may take up to 3 business days to be processed.

GMHBA’s Going to Hospital Guide will help you understand to expect from specialists, how to avoid unexpected out of pockets if you go to hospital and the right questions to ask about your care.

You can register or confirm a child as a student dependant if they’re still studying full time, live at home and are under 25. Simply confirm they are still studying by completing a student dependant declaration form before 1 April each year.

You can add or remove a person to your membership in the member area at any time, or by contacting GMHBA. Please note: If changing between a single, couple, single parent or family cover, a change in premium will also occur.

Waiting periods, LHC and pre-existing conditions may also apply to the new member. Contact us for more information.

Tax statements are available to members around the middle of July. You can find them in your communications folder.

Do I have to pay Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS)?

The Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) is an additional tax which Australians need to pay if they are without private health insurance hospital cover and have an annual taxable income over $90,000 as a single or $180,000 as a couple/family. You can avoid the MLS by keeping your hospital cover or adding a hospital cover to your policy. You’ll only be exempt from the MLS for the period during which you held this level of hospital cover.

For more information about the Australian Government Rebate or the Medicare Levy Surcharge you can:

  • Read more about MLS
  • Visit
  • Visit
  • Call GMHBA on 1300 382 151, or
  • Consult a tax professional.

The Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading is a Government loading on your private hospital cover premiums. The LHC loading is 2% for every year you don't have hospital cover after you turn 30.

If you joined a hospital cover before this date you are assigned a CAE of 30 and you will pay the base rate (the lowest premium) for your hospital cover.

Where can I get more information about LHC?


You can update your direct debit details or make a one off payment by logging into the member area.

You can change your banking details or the frequency of your payments by re-entering your banking details in the member area and then selecting your payment frequency.

Alternatively, you can contact us and we can make the updates on your behalf.

You can check your standard payment amount in the member area under ‘View my cover’, however if you have made recent changes to your cover your next payment may differ and we recommend contacting GMHBA for further information.

You can make a secure one off payment to bring your membership up to date if you have missed a payment in the member area. If you are having difficulties making payments, or are unsure of your next payment, contact GMHBA on 1300 446 422 for further information and assistance.


There are a number of ways you can claim your extras benefits. 

On the spot - Most claims can be processed when you have your appointment. Swipe your GMHBA membership card when paying for your appointment and GMHBA pays the provider directly, so you just have to pay the difference. Please note, some providers may not have this facility.

Online claiming – The member area is the fastest way to receive your benefits if you need to manually claim. Benefits will be put directly into your nominated bank account

In a branch - Visit your local branch to make a claim.

By email or post - Complete a claim form and submit by email or post.

Please note GMHBA members have two years from the date of service to submit a claim.

Annual limits are based on a calendar year and reset 1 January.

Depending on your level of cover and state or territory you may be eligible for benefits towards an ambulance cover subscription. This can be claimed in the member area. To make a claim on emergency ambulance transportation, submit your invoice manually with a GMHBA claim form to


You can change your email address and review what we send you by email in the online member area or by contacting GMHBA.

You can request a new card at any time in the member area. The card will be posted to the address linked to your membership and you will receive dispatch information via SMS. Please note that card delivery is subject to Australia Post delivery timeframes.

You can still claim benefits while you wait for your card. Simply pay at time of service and claim your benefits afterwards.

In addition to important information about your policy, you can select what type of information GMHBA emails you in the communications subscriptions tab in member area or by contacting GMHBA.

If you received information by email in the past but now it comes by post, check your email address is correct in the member area or by contacting us. You can check how you receive information in the contact preference centre.