It’s no secret that everything is a little more difficult when you’re unwell. Whether it’s making decisions when you are off colour or having to find out information after a big diagnosis, finding health information, or addressing health concerns can be overwhelming.

To support members when they’re sick, healthy, or in between, GMHBA Health Insurance has introduced the GMHBA Health Navigation Line. With a simple phone call, GMHBA members can talk to a health navigation professional who can help you with guidance, referrals, health coaching and information relevant to your health needs Australia-wide.

The GMHBA Health Navigation Line provides guidance and help for questions like:

  • Where can I go with my health problems?
  • How do I find out about my health concerns?
  • Where do I go to find aged care services?
  • Who can help me?

The service is available FREE to all GMHBA members, the GMHBA Health Navigation Line suits:

  • People who require information about what services may be available to them
  • Australia-wide health navigation help
  • Individual health information

How the Health Navigation line can help

These case studies are examples of how you may use the GMHBA Health Navigation line. But if you have a query related to your health, don’t hesitate to call the GMHBA Health Navigation Line to get the answers you are looking for.

Example of health inquiry or issue

GMHBA Health Navigation line solution

Low mood and increased anxiety

A 45 year old female called to ask how to get support for recent period of low mood and increased anxiety after job loss.

The Navigation Line supported member to re-engage with her doctor and explained how member could access the mental health care plan and the benefits of doing so.

The member was given information about online and phone support for low mood.

Diabetes management

A 55 year old male called to ask for support around better managing his diabetes which was “out of control” recently and the client had lost touch with his diabetes educator.

The Health Navigation line advised the member to see his GP to discuss diabetes and to get a referral to a new diabetes educator and dietician if needed.

Explained to member how GP could set this up through the chronic disease management plan.

Weight management

A 40 year old male called to ask for support around weight loss. The member had gained a large amount of weight after a recent hospital stay and was interested in possible weight loss surgery but did not know where to start.

The member was advised to see their GP to discuss concerns. The Health Navigation Line explained how accessing a dietitian through a chronic disease management plan could support their goals. The member was given online sites to look at about healthy eating and bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

The member was encouraged to check their health insurance cover in the event he does require surgery.

Chronic back pain

A 66 year old male called to enquire about how he could get some support for his chronic lower back pain since moving into the South Melbourne area.

It was explained to the member how he could find a GP in his new area, and organise for a home medicines review of the list of pain medications he has been taking.

The member was given information about how he might be able to get some financial support for physiotherapy through contacting the GP to request an Extended Primary Care plan and using that in addition to his extras cover.

Get in touch with GMHBA Health Navigation Line

Contact us here or on 1300 291 011 to talk about how we can assist you with your health questions.