Hospital Cover

Take the stress out of your next hospital visit with GMHBA hospital cover. 

GMHBA has a range of hospital covers for any budget

We've made it easy to know exactly what’s covered during your next treatment and what waiting periods apply so you feel prepared. Choose from Basic Plus, Bronze, Silver and Gold level cover and select your preferred provider.

Pricing covers Single, aged 30 living in VIC earning $90,000 or less, base tier government rebate. Excludes . Prices and displayed products can change if details vary.

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We are a not for profit organisation and every decision is made with our members in mind.

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GMHBA have partnered with AIA Vitality, the globally renowned health & wellbeing program that rewards you for healthy behaviours.

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Get $200 off for couples, families, and single parents and $100 off for singles when joining on combined cover by October 14*

*For new members who have not been a member during the last 12 months joining on combined cover paying by direct debit. Must pay first month premium to receive discount. Discount will be applied by 15 December 2021. Offer only available via GMHBA website, phone and branch or GMHBA corporate program. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 14 October 2021.

Hospital Cover FAQs

Is private hospital cover worth it?

While we like to imagine always looking and feeling our best, it’s not always the case.
So if you value peace of mind when it comes to your health, private hospital cover is the way to go. With hospital cover you can reduce out of pocket costs and get better, sooner.

Do I need private hospital cover?

Private hospital cover is essential for anyone who values peace of mind and choice for their or their families health. For those living with pre-existing health conditions, private hospital cover can support the management of your health by reducing the costs of necessary or ongoing treatments, and allowing you to choose your doctor.

What is private hospital cover?

Private hospital cover pays benefits towards treatment in hospital, reducing your out of pocket expenses and allowing you to focus on getting the treatment you need. It supports your recovery with more control over your treatment and increased comfort during your stay in a public or private hospital.

How does private hospital cover work?

When you’re admitted to hospital your private health insurance provider will pay benefits towards your in-patient treatment and admission costs so that you’re not left out of pocket. The higher the level of cover you choose, the more benefits your provider will pay and the less you will have to pay.

How much is private hospital cover?

The cost of private hospital cover varies and depends on the level of cover you choose.
At GMHBA, we offer a range of options starting from Basic Plus to Gold Ultimate so you can choose a suitable level of cover for your budget, big or small.

What does private hospital cover include?

What’s covered in your policy will depend on the level of cover you choose.
Basic private hospital cover includes common treatments for surgery on your teeth and bones, as well as necessary reconstructive procedures with your choice of doctor.

Our best private hospital cover gives you the added privacy of your own room and includes cover for pregnancy and birth. Always take note of what’s included with your policy so you know you’re covered for the things that matter most to you.

What is an appropriate level of private patient hospital cover?

The level of cover that’s right for you will depend on your individual needs, age, health and lifestyle.

If you’re a young, healthy single looking to get covered for the basics without breaking your budget, then a low level of cover might be the way to go.

For young families or those living with existing health conditions, a more comprehensive level of cover may be more appropriate in order to gain complete peace of mind.