Extra support for GMHBA members waiting for elective surgery

Published 12 May 2022

GMHBA has launched a unique program to provide support to GMHBA and Frank members waiting for elective surgery.

With Australia’s health system still grappling with the effects of the COVID pandemic, many people are waiting longer than expected for elective surgery procedures and are living with pain and a reduced quality of life.

Earlier this year, GMHBA proactively responded to this emerging issue by providing additional support to impacted GMHBA and Frank members with 6 complimentary physiotherapy sessions with Kieser that can be accessed in person, online and via telehealth, as well as access to MIND Australia for up to 10 psychology consultations.

David Greig, CEO of GMHBA said, “We understand that elective surgery delays can cause significant distress and uncertainty. That’s why we are offering some prehabilitation services in the form of extra physio and psychology consultations to our impacted members. It’s a small but important way we can help our members through this difficult period as our health system emerges from the pandemic.”

“Our members who have already been identified as being eligible have been extremely appreciative of the support. The participants have reported that the extra support has made the wait for elective surgery much more bearable.”

Eligible GMHBA Health Insurance and Frank Health Insurance must meet the following criteria:

  • Have had their planned surgery delayed due to restrictions
  • Have eligible, active hospital cover and
  • Have served surgery waiting periods.

This support is part of a hospital cover’s Chronic Disease Management Plan and does not require extras cover and does not impact a member’s extras annual limits.

This support to members is available to eligible members until 30 September 2022 and impacted members will be assessed by our Care Coordination Service to ensure suitability.

To find out more about the GMHBA elective surgery support program, please call 1300 446 442

This program comes on top of the $26 million in support GMHBA has already provided its members throughout the COVID period.

For all GMHBA media enquiries please contact Amanda Bavin on 0439 567 249 or amandabavin@gmhba.com.au