GMHBA Premium Review 2018

Health insurance premiums are reviewed each year by every health insurer. Premium changes take effect from 1 April 2018. GMHBA Health Insurance provides you with peace of mind when it comes to your health. For further information check out our FAQ’s.


  • GMHBA agreements reduce out-of-pocket medical and pathology costs
  • Get help to navigate the complex health system and understand any possible out-of-pocket costs
  • Choose your specialist
  • Avoid long public hospital waiting lists
  • Claim on extras services like dental and physio to keep you well
  • Access preventative health programs and chronic disease management programs as part of your membership
  • Free health seminars on a range of popular health topics by specialists

Last financial year we:

Returned 87 cents of every dollar received in premiums out in benefits

Increased our benefits paid by $62.84m

Paid $171,528 for one coronary artery bypass (highest claim of FY17)

Paid $522m in annual benefits

Members benefitted from our no gap pathology arrangement with Clinical Labs Australia

Our arrangement with the Australian Health Service Alliance helped remove or reduce medical gaps for members while in hospital

Source: GMHBA Annual Report 2017 including all GMHBA Limited health insurance brands including

Why do health insurance premiums increase?

Put simply, the cost of healthcare delivery continues to increase in Australia. Costs are driven by:

Growing demand on services with more people accessing more services than ever before

Increased cost of health service delivery

An ageing population and people living longer

Increases in chronic conditions

New medical technologies and treatments

The Australian Government Rebate tier percentage decreasing each year

Frequently Asked Questions

The industry average is calculated using the figures from all health insurers in every state, across all products. That’s why increases in the premiums of some products will be higher, while others will be lower.

We review the premium of each product individually and make changes based on the type of product (e.g. hospital or extras, level of cover), claiming activities and the state that members live in. These changes are needed to make sure the fund and our products are sustainable and we can keep paying claims.

Australia’s private health insurance is based on a system of community rating. All members pay the same premium for the same policy and insurers cannot discriminate against members based on health status, claims history or age. This system is intended to keep health insurance fair and accessible for all Australians.

Healthcare service costs and the CPI go up at different rates. Healthcare costs are currently rising faster than the average cost of the selected range of goods used to calculate CPI.

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