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You + GMHBA = Healthier Together

We are dedicated to supporting the management of your health journey with a range of programs, support and educational resources.

Post hospital support

Sometimes a hospital stay is unavoidable but our aim is to help you get home as soon as possible and access the care and support you need. Our post hospital support services allow you to be treated in the comfort of your own home.

Hospital in the home

Be treated in the comfort of your home instead of continuing a hospital stay.

Rehabilitation in the home

Undertake all or part of your rehabilitation within the privacy, comfort and security of your home.

Care Coordination Service

Care Coordination Service supports eligible members to live independently after a hospital stay.

Chronic Disease Management Program

Chronic diseases can interfere with your ability to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

To help members manage their conditions GMHBA offer members access range of chronic disease management programs.

New Family program

Safe Sleep Space and Nourish Baby are early parenting groups specialising in sleep and settling of infants and toddlers. Their emphasis is on caregiver interaction, social-emotional development and an understanding that every infant, toddler and parent is unique. They offer support and knowledge for a better understanding of your baby's needs, cues and capabilities, and give you workable strategies for creating an emotional and physical ‘safe sleep space’.

Other programs

Help navigating health services with the GMHBA Health Navigation line

Australia-wide access to a professional who can help you

Finding information about your health concerns and knowing who to contact and when, can be difficult. The GMHBA Health Navigation Line helps you with:

•   Guidance and health information

•   Health coaching

•   Referrals

The GMHBA Health Navigation line provides guidance for questions like:

•   Where can I go with my health problems?

•   How do I find out about my health concerns?

•   Where do I go to find aged care services?

•   Who can help me?

Available FREE to all GMHBA members, the GMHBA Health Navigation Line suits:

•   People who require information about what services may be available

•   Members Australia-wide

•   People who require individual health information

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GMHBA offers a range of events and initiatives to help our members and the wider community improve their health and wellbeing.

We believe that providing information is vital to achieving this goal. The GMHBA Health Events help communities understand and cope with a variety of health topics that affect our communities.


Health on the go with GMHBA's podcast series. Insightful interviews with leading researchers and health experts.