Why choose GMHBA

GMHBA Health Insurance has been providing peace of mind to Australians for more than 80 years. Here are just some of the reasons why our members love us:

We are value based, not profit based

We are a not for profit organisation and every decision is made with our members in mind. We are not thinking about the shareholder – we exist solely for our members. This means our focus is on putting more value into our products.

In the 2018 financial year, for every dollar received in premiums, 87 cents were paid to our members in benefits*

*GMHBA Ltd Australian Health Insurance only.

We are committed to customer service

Our mission to be your trusted partner in the provision of private health insurance goes beyond providing quality affordable products and high levels of customer service.

GMHBA with AIA Vitality

Through selected products members can access AIA Vitality – the globally renowned health and wellbeing program that rewards you for being healthy.

Learn about and improve your health to receive amazing rewards like up to $650 in shopping rewards per membership year at Myer, Woolworths, Rebel and Dymocks and more.

We support the health of our communities

Our mission is to support the health of our communities for generations. Healthy communities strive for health equality, foster engagement, embrace diversity and value the environment.

To foster healthy communities, we provide meaningful community programs, targeted sponsorships and engaging events.

We understand that communities are vital in shaping social wellbeing. Connecting with like-minded people, working together to share success and supporting each other through challenges, builds strong and resilient communities.

We offer free health events on a range of popular health topics by specialists.

We are more than just a health insurer  

With a portfolio including eye care, dental care, physiotherapy and GP/primary care services in Victoria, we are playing an even bigger role in the health of our members and customers.

This allows us to be a real partner to our members on their health journey and integrate private health insurance products with our health services practices to offer even more value to members.

GMHBA is part of the Australian Health Services Alliance (AHSA) Medical Gap Agreement  

The Australian Health Services Alliance represents a number of small to medium size private health insurance funds. This means GMHBA can leverage the power of the alliance to implement better financial agreements with private hospitals and day surgeries throughout Australia, which reduces members’ out of pockets.

Our AHSA agreement provides members with access to a more extensive coverage of medical providers and an improved medical gap scheme. Under this agreement, GMHBA pays higher benefits for most medical procedures when the scheme is used by a participating medical provider, meaning less out of pocket expenses for members.