New Family Program

Safe Sleep Space and Nourish Baby are early parenting groups specialising in sleep and settling of infants and toddlers. Their emphasis is on caregiver interaction, social-emotional development and an understanding that every infant, toddler and parent is unique. They offer support and knowledge for a better understanding of your baby's needs, cues and capabilities, and give you workable strategies for creating an emotional and physical ‘safe sleep space’.

GMHBA have partnered with Safe Sleep Space and Nourish Baby, to provide a specialised program that supports GMHBA members during pregnancy and in the first few months when your baby is welcomed into the family.

Program Features

All New Families program members get:

  • 12 months access to the leading antenatal and early parenting learning hub – Nourish Baby
  • iCOPE emotional health screening

You can then pick from one of the following features that suits your needs:

  • Three sleep and settling phone consultations; or
  • Two sleep and settling phone consultations and one breastfeeding phone consultation
  • Two sleep and settling phone consultations and an AROMABABY® mother and baby skincare set

Can any member access the program?

Members who have eligible pregnancy cover with GMHBA can access the program.

New Family Program - SafeSleep