New Family Program

This program is for people who have welcomed a new baby into their home.

The New Family Program has been developed in collaboration with early childhood experts Safe Sleep Space to help with some of the challenges that new parents face.

Through the program members can access a range of resources and practical information to help with the sleep and settling routines of newborns. 

What’s included?

The program is free.

Members participating in the program will receive two telephone consultations with a trained Safe Sleep Space consultant. In addition you will also get a kit that includes:

  • Safe Sleep Space’s Infant DVD - This DVD provides parents and caregivers with an understanding of how babies brains naturally develop and how best to provide experiences that are considerate of each individual baby.
  • A Safe Sleep Space Book - This easy to read book presents information on infant development, including what are realistic expectations and gentle approaches to sleep.
  • A Safe Sleep Space “Soothing Sounds for Sleep” CD - Based on the meditative effect of the multiple sound layers found within nature, this CD creates ‘white noise’ using the movement of ocean waters fused with the rhythm of powerful binaural heartbeats.

Who can access the program?

Any members who have pregnancy cover can access the New Family Program. This includes Bronze Hospital and Gold Hospital with obstetrics. 

Register for the program

Registration is simple; just complete the online registration form. You will be sent the New Family Kit and welcome letter to confirm your registration.

Safe Sleep Space will email you with a proposed date and time for your initial telephone consultation. You can contact Safe Sleep Space directly to change the time if you need.

Other important information about the program

  • GMHBA is providing this service to members as a completely separate service to any membership. The New Family program will be independently run by Safe Sleep Space.
  • Your participation is at no extra cost to you. GMHBA will pay the cost of the program as part of your hospital cover (Gold or Bronze Hospital cover that includes pregnancy are eligible).
  • No hospital excess is applicable to the New Family program.
  • Your participation in this program will not affect your membership limits in any way.
  • Your information provided to Safe Sleep Space will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purpose of providing you with the program. You can view Safe Sleep Space Privacy Policy by visiting It is not disclosed to GMHBA.
  • De-identified program data will be provided to GMHBA by Safe Sleep Space purely to assess the success of and for improvements to delivering the program.

More Information

For more information please visit Safe Sleep Space or call GMHBA on 1300 446 422 to check eligibility.

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