Step 4 - Find the right specialist for you

Not all specialists charge the same fees, practice at the same hospitals or are available to be seen immediately. Understand questions you can ask and the ways you can select a specialist of your choice.

Find the right specialist for you 

After seeing your GP, they may suggest further investigation is needed from a specialist, which may then result in surgery. Your doctor will provide you with a referral letter, including the medical history that has required the investigation. 

Your doctor will suggest an appropriate specialist for you or may offer several suggestions for you to consider. While most people find their specialist through a recommendation from their GP, you may also seek recommendations from research or family and friends.

The GMHBA Health Navigation line can assist you to find specialists in an area near you, or just like other service providers, you can ring around and find out a specialist’s costs. You may need to have an initial consult to gain a better understanding before they can fully quote you. See Steps 5 and 6 of this guide for more information on costs.

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Once you have selected a specialist, understand what to expect, and what to ask them about any proposed treatments.