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Want your health on the go? GMHBA Health Insurance is pleased to announce Healthier Together podcasts - bringing interviews with GMHBA health seminar speakers, leading researchers and other health experts, to everyone.

Podcast 1: Gut microbiota and mood

After the booked-out gut microbiota seminars with Food and Mood Centre Professor Felice Jacka, this episode discusses how the quality of our diet affects our mood, and how we can target what we eat to tackle depression. Felice delivers bite sized information on why our good tummy bugs are so important.

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Podcast 2: Mastering your health – tools to create lasting change

We all know what we’re ‘supposed to do’ to improve our health, but how do we actually get it done? This episode looks at tools to create lasting changes in order to break habits, plan for success and master your health. Take the first step to mastering your health now!

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