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Best Doctors allows all GMHBA hospital members (excluding Fit members) access 50,000 leading medical specialists from around the world. Founded in 1989 by doctors from Harvard University‘s School of Medicine, Best Doctors is a unique network of leading Medical Specialists from around the world covering 40 different specialities and over 400 sub specialties.

Best Doctors was established to connect people with a health condition to a network of peer-nominated specialists within the Best Doctors network.

GMHBA has engaged Best Doctors because we are always striving to deliver the best service and advice, as the health and wellbeing of our members is at the forefront of everything we do.

If you or someone on your membership has a health condition and wants a second opinion, Best Doctors can connect you with a leading specialist to review your case.

Why use Best Doctors?

Eligible GMHBA members can use this service for certain conditions*, injury or illness that affects your way of life.

Through this service you will have access to a leading specialist from around the world who will:

  • Review your medical records.
  • Provide answers to any questions you may have.
  • Provide a written report on your current diagnosis and either confirm the current treatment plan or suggest an alternative, which you can share with your treating doctor.

*Conditions apply; further details are available under "Commonly asked Questions"

Accessing the Best Doctors service

  1. If you are an eligible GMHBA member, contact Best Doctors on our GMHBA Health Insurance priority number by calling 1800 667 992 to check your eligibility for this program.
  2. Discuss your health concerns with a medical professional from Best Doctors in Australia who will establish if Best Doctors can assist.
  3. If Best Doctors can assist, you will need to provide written consent for them to gather and analyse your medical information.
  4. Best Doctors medical team will then review your case and select the most appropriate specialist from their global database who will analyse your medical records and write a detailed medical report.
  5. This report will then be sent to a Best Doctors medical professional in Australia who will call you to discuss the results of the report. Please allow on average 15-20 business days following the collection of your medical records for a Best Doctors medical professional to contact you (this may take longer if a pathology report is required).
  6. Your report is sent to you by mail and e-mail when requested. If you have any further questions you can call Best Doctors. We also suggest that you share the results with your treating doctor.

Real life examples from Best Doctors

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Commonly asked questions

Are there any restrictions on the types of medical conditions which can be examined?
Most medical conditions are covered under Best Doctors. Best Doctors may not be accessed for services such as urgent or emergency situations, pregnancy and mental health conditions. Whilst these services are not usually suitable, Best Doctors are the experts and they are the ones that should determine if your medical condition can be reviewed.

Who is eligible to access Best Doctors?
Best Doctors is available for GMHBA members with any hospital cover (excluding Fit products).

Are there any costs associated with using this service?
GMHBA will cover the total cost of the program as a benefit of your hospital cover for eligible members. You can access this service as many times as required.

Do any waiting periods apply to access this service?
No waiting periods apply to access the Best Doctors service.

Will your treating Doctor be aware of Best Doctors?
Best Doctors have operated in Australia for a number of years and have worked with the medical community over that period, however not all doctors will be aware of Best Doctors and what they do. We recommend that next time you visit your local General Practitioner you mention that you have access to Best Doctors.

Will GMHBA or any other third party have access to my medical information?
Your medical information is kept completely confidential by Best Doctors. Best Doctors will not share any of your information with GMHBA or any other third party.

How do I access Best Doctors?
GMHBA is providing this service as a completely separate service; it will be independently run by Best Doctors. Please call Best Doctors 1800 667 992 and provide them with your GMHBA membership details.