Products and Services

During an eye test

Running for about half an hour, your eye health check will include questions around your general health, and a vision test. We recommend adults (from teenagers up to 65) get their eyes checked every 2 years. Of course, if specific eye problems (or general health issues) are present more frequent testing maybe be encouraged. After the age of 65 we recommend yearly check-ups. More frequent testing may be required if specific eye problem is present. Book and appointment at one of our Geelong or Ballarat based practices today here.

Our Eye care services

GMHBA Eye Care can help you look after the health of your eyes through:

  • Eye health and vision tests
  • Management of eye related diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetes
  • Range of fashionable frames
  • Wide range of lenses including UV coating, transitions and anti-glare
  • Prescription and fashion sunglasses
  • Contact lens fittings

Frame Ranges

Ray Ban
Nine west
Nike vision
Sass and Bide

Plus, many more. Our ranges vary at each practice. Please contact your nearest location if you are after a particular brand.

Our coatings and lenses

Our standard antireflective coating reduces reflections, resists scratches, and repels water and dust. Absorbs UV radiation and protects against damaging UV light.

The almost invisible antireflective coating has all the benefits of other antireflective coatings Optimizes the appearance of spectacle lenses and provides UV protection with an E-SPF rating of 35.

Blue Light coating provides the most effective UV protection possible and filters out harmful blue-violet light. This no-glare coating gives you the best vision in all light conditions and is resistant to smudges, scratches, dust and water.

Standard multifocal lenses offers the convenience of one pair of glasses whilst being able to focus on distance, intermediate and reading areas.

Supreme multifocal lenses give you sharper details, brighter colours, better contrast and greater comfort whatever the distance.

With the latest technology, superior multifocal lenses allow patients to experience multiple points in focus with a single position of gaze. This minimises head movements providing a new level of fluidity in vision.