Our Events

Our Events

GMHBA offers a range of events and initiatives to help our members and the wider community improve their health and wellbeing.

We believe that providing information is vital to achieving this goal. The GMHBA Health Seminars help communities understand and cope with a variety of health topics that affect our communities.

Past Health Seminars and Events

Master your health: tools to create lasting change.

We all aim to be the best we can be, but sometimes it isn’t easy. Most people know what to do to be healthy, but struggle to modify behaviours to create lasting change.

Join us for this health seminar in Geelong Tuesday 5 June and master your health.

Read more and register here.

Women’s Stuff – A night of fun, facts and the latest on women’s health

Women of all ages and backgrounds can have their health questions answered on a wide range of topics at ‘Women’s Stuff’, a free event in Geelong on Wednesday 16 May and Ballarat on Wednesday 23 May.

This event has now passed, read more here.

Gut microbiota and mood– How your diet and gut microbiota can affect mental and brain health - With Professor Felice Jacka

After a fantastic seminar last year on preventing and treating mental disorders through what we eat, Professor Felice Jacka is returning to the GMHBA community to explain more about how the gut microbiota influences mental health and what you can do about it via diet or probiotics for children, teens and adults.

Read more and register here.

Ballarat Free Health Screens

Wednesday 14th March and Wednesday 23 May

10am - 4pm

Free health screens were offered to the Ballarat community including:

  • bone health
  • hearing test
  • mental health
  • vision screen
  • blood pressure and other key health measures

Food and mood – How your diet can affect mental and brain health - With Professor Felice Jacka

Professor Felice Jacka presented her findings on establishing a new approach to the prevention and treatment of mental disorders by looking at what we eat.

To view the slides and recording from the seminar click here.

Can we prevent depression – GMHBA Health Seminar

Depression can affect any one of us and there are many possible risk factors for depression, which vary from person to person. Professor Michael Berk explores the risk factors associated with depression and how these risks can be managed. To access the slides and recording from the seminar please visit here.

Eating Your Way to Awesome – with Dr Joanna McMillan

Dr Joanna McMillan is one of Australia’s best-known health, nutrition and lifestyle experts.

Dr Joanna as she explores how food, drink, exercise, activity, stress and sleep can all influence how you feel today and how they affect your health in the long term.

Click here to watch the seminar. 

Sleep and Mental Health with Dr Richard Chambers

Sleep is essential for your health - it refreshes the mind and repairs the body. We recently held a health seminar with Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness consultant Dr Richard Chambers where he explored how the relationship between sleep and mental health is closely entwined.