BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Employee Benefit Program

BAE Systems employees have access to selected fully or partially subsidised GMHBA hospital and extras products.

Join GMHBA on combined hospital and extras cover and receive up to a 10% discount*

Plus we will waive your two and six month waits on extras services like general dental, optical, physiotherapy and more^.


*10% discount available to BAE System employee members who pay by direct debit using a bank account or credit card. Excludes GMHBA’s AIA Vitality range of products where a 5% discount is available to BAE System employee members who pay by direct debit or credit card. BAE Systems corporate discount excludes GMHBA Basic Plus hospital with any extras, Basic Plus Package and Bronze Plus Package.

^For new members who join eligible combined hospital and extras cover and have not held a GMHBA membership in the last 12 months. Other waiting periods apply, including 12 months on major dental, health appliances and aids. 12 month waits, annual and sub limits apply. If you have reached your annual limits from a previous fund you may not be able to claim straight away. Not available in conjunction with any other offer or discount. 


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BAE Systems employee benefit program FAQ's

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence will pay the gross premium of GMHBA Bronze Hospital Plus Corporate ($500 excess) with Bronze Extras Set Benefits - singles, couples, single parents and families excluding any Lifetime Health Cover Loadings - on behalf of employees. Gross premium is the amount paid before the Australian Government Rebate before Lifetime Health Cover loading is applied. BAE Systems corporate discount excludes GMHBA Basic Plus Hospital with any extras, GMHBA Basic Plus Package and GMHBA Bronze Plus Package.

Yes. However, the payment of the difference in premium between the fully funded product and the chosen upgraded product will be the responsibility of the employee. There are products excluded from the BAE Systems Employee Benefit Program please contact GMHBA to organise a direct debit option on 1300 035 786 or alternatively email us at to ensure the level of cover you are looking at is eligible for the program. 

Yes, if they are your legal partner and dependents they can be covered under the policy paid by BAE Systems or any upgraded GMHBA policy

BAE Employee premiums can be organised through GMHBA and paid by direct debit (bank account or credit card). Currently direct debit runs are scheduled on the 1st and 15th of every Month. If you set your policy to start on a different date a pro-rated direct debit amount can be scheduled with your standard direct debit or a once off payment over the phone can be taken.

Yes, BAE Systems has negotiated up to a 10% Discount on our GMHBA Products. GMHBA also have a range of products that pair with AIA Vitality, our AIA Vitality range of products include a 5% discount only and will not be eligible for the 10% discount on our GMHBA Products without AIA Vitality.
Some products are not eligible for the corporate discount.

GMHBA have waived all 2 and 6 month waiting periods on extras for both new and transferring employees. For new members who join eligible BAE Systems combined hospital and extras cover and have not held a GMHBA membership in the last 12 months

Keep in mind, when transferring from another fund, any waiting periods you have previously served will not need to be re-served throughout the transfer process.

Waiting periods still apply for:

  • 12 month waiting periods
  • Reduce hospital excess
  • Previously uninsured members
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Waiting periods not served with your previous fund

For further information about waiting periods click here 

GMHBA will offer the Employee Benefit Program to all BAE Systems Applied Intelligence employees as long as their individual employment contract permits. This is an excellent opportunity for BAE Systems employees to receive a subsidised Health Insurance product.

The private health insurance rebate won’t be applied to the fully subsidised product - Bronze Hospital Plus Corporate ($500 excess) with Bronze Extras Set Benefits - as BAE Systems are paying the full gross amount excluding any Lifetime Health Cover loadings. Depending on your taxable income, you may be entitled to a refund when submitting your end of financial year tax return.

For those employees who upgrade their cover, you can apply your nominated rebate tier if you are eligible for the rebate. GMHBA recommends that you discuss any tax implications with your financial advisor.

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To be eligible for the fully subsidised private health insurance program you must have full Medicare Eligibility. GMHBA Hospital covers are specifically designed for people who have full Medicare Eligibility. These covers will not meet the cost of public hospital treatment, medical treatment or diagnostic services for people who do not have full Medicare eligibility. Temporary residents of Australia who do not have full Medicare eligibility should consider alternative health insurance arrangements.

When a member has Private Health Insurance, a rebate amount is either claimable against the policy or on the fully subsidised program no government rebate is claimed against the membership. At the end of the financial year a Tax Statement is sent through to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to reflect against your tax return. If you have transferred over to GMHBA from another fund, your previous fund will send through your tax statement information to the ATO on your behalf. Tax Statements only reflect monies received against a membership in that financial year, as BAE Systems pay GMHBA quarterly and in arrears, your FY18-19 tax return may not include the amounts received by BAE Systems and will be amended for your next tax return FY19-20.

When employees leave BAE Systems an email is sent to us directly by BAE Systems HR Department informing us of the employees last day. GMHBA will then attempt to get in contact with you and discuss your options. These policies will be moved over to our retail operations team from the day after your last day of employment with BAE Systems. Note: We will never just terminate your policy, we will always endeavour to reach you and correspondence will be sent accordingly.

GMHBA fund members are responsible for ensuring their premiums are up to date. Membership will cease when premiums fall into arrears of more than two months after the premium due date. To claim benefits, a fund member must be financial at the time of incurring the expense for the service or treatment.