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Apple Watch Benefit Apple Watch Benefit

Apple Watch Benefit is currently paused.  

Why is the Apple Watch benefit paused?

The AIA Vitality Apple Watch Benefit is currently paused on the AIA Vitality app.

As you may know every Apple product announcement AIA Vitality pause the benefit, to ensure members can get the latest Apple Watch and technology.

Apple has announced their new Apple Watch series 9 on Wednesday 13th September, AIA Vitality will provide a further update as soon as possible. If you are contributing your Active Benefit vouchers towards your Apple Watch these will continue as usual, with no change.

Get Apple Watch.
Get Active.
Get Rewarded. 

Join a GMHBA with AIA Vitality package to access the AIA Vitality Apple Watch Benefit.  *Terms and conditions apply, see below for full details.

You can now choose to get an Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS) 41mm, (total value $649) and use your Active Benefit rewards to earn your Apple Watch in full, by getting active and achieving your weekly Active Benefits target each week for 24 months. 


How does the benefit work? 

You’ll need to enter into an agreement with our loan provider, etika for a loan amount of $649, and set up a direct debit for 24 months. You can reduce your monthly repayments by being active and achieving your weekly Active Benefits targets. Your weekly Active Benefits target is dynamic, and is based on your target achievements in previous weeks.


Your repayment options^

Targets met in a month AIA Vitality will pay Your repayment to etika
0 weekly targets $0 $27
1 weekly target $5 $22
2 weekly targets $10 $17
3 weekly targets $15 $12
4 or 5 weekly targets $27 $0


^The last (24th) monthly payment will be billed at $28. AIA Vitality will cover the full $28 in the last month if all Active Benefits targets are met. 

What is AIA Vitality?

The globally renowned health & wellbeing program

AIA Vitality is a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing program that rewards you for healthy behaviours. Earn AIA Vitality Points by completing various health assessments and by doing healthy activities.

The more activities you engage in the more points you accumulate, the higher your AIA Vitality status and the greater the rewards and discounts.


GMHBA members who have activated Vitality and have opted into Active Benefits rewards. 

Apple Watch Series 7 requires an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15 or later.

You will need to download the AIA Vitality app and select either ‘Vitality Active Benefits’ on the ‘Dashboard’ tab or ‘AIA Vitality Active Benefits’ on the ‘Benefits’ tab and follow the prompts to setup Active benefits.

See your repayment options^ for further information. 

Billing by the lending provider will occur on a monthly basis. If you do need to contribute to the monthly repayment, you will be charged on the 17th of the following month.

The tracking of Active Benefit targets for a given month will commence on the first Monday of the month and will continue until the Sunday prior to the first Monday of the subsequent month. If a member commences their Apple Watch Benefit part-way through the month, the member will be able to select Active Benefits in the usual way (i.e. select a $5 retail or donation voucher) until their Apple Watch Benefit tracking commences.

24 months. You may choose to pay out the remaining amount by contacting etika directly.

The Apple Watch Benefit is based on the Series 7 (GPS & Cellular) with 24 months of connectivity on the Optus Choice Watch Plan (total value $869).

You may choose the 45mm version of the Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS & Cellular). If you do, you will need to pay the $50 upgrade fee through your Optus account. This will be visible by your second invoice. 

No. If you choose to activate the Apple Watch benefit you will be foregoing the standard benefit vouchers or donations for the next 24 months.

You will be required to continue making loan payments or pay out the Apple Watch as per the loan agreement with etika.

Terms and conditions:

Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Apple Watch is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS) 41mm requires an iPhone XS or later with iOS 17 or later. Available only to current, activated AIA Vitality members who opt into Active Benefits and activate the Apple Watch Benefit on an iOS device with the AIA Vitality app installed. Member needs to apply for a $649 interest free loan with etika Australia Loan SPV Pty. Ltd. (etika) Loan term is 24 months. Loan amount is $649, the current RRP (as at November 2023) of an Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS) 41mm. AIA Vitality will cover all administration and standard interest charges on the loan. Member must achieve all weekly Active Benefits physical activity targets each calendar month for AIA Vitality to make all loan repayments on member’s behalf. Etika will directly debit the member the difference between the required repayment amount (as per the loan terms), and the amount paid by AIA Vitality based on member’s achieved physical activity targets. Member cannot select any other $5 Active Benefits reward while participating in the Apple Watch Benefit. Member will receive an Apple Store Gift Code ($649 value) to purchase an Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS) 41 mm online at the Apple Store. If different model or add on accessories also added to cart, member must pay the difference at the time of purchase. If RRP of model chosen is lower than $649, member may use balance of Apple Store Gift Code towards purchase of any other product available online at the Apple Store.