How it works? How it works?

How it works?

AIA Vitality is a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing program that rewards you for healthy behaviours.

Get a better understanding of your health, earn points along the way and get rewarded.

Through a mix of simple online and in person assessments, learn about your current state of health and how to improve it, while earning points and discounts.

Knowing about your health can earn you points

Learn about your health

Through a mix of simple online and in person assessments, earn points while learning about your current state of health.

Improve your health

With discounts on gym memberships, fitness devices, quit smoking program and nutrition advice. Using a linked fitness device or app, track your steps, gym visits, nutrition and even sleep to earn points.

Get Rewarded

Build up your AIA Vitality status by earning points through learning about your health and improving it, and stay motivated with shopping rewards and discounts.

Earn points = reach higher status = get better rewards

Online health assessments

By completing simple online health assessments you'll be able to see your current health status and learn ways to make more informed decisions for a healthier lifestyle.

AIA Vitality Health Review
1,000 points per year. Find out how healthy you are based on certain lifestyle factors
Mental Wellbeing Assessment
Up to 1,500 points per year. Stressor, psychological wellbeing and social support assessments
Online Nutrition Assessment
1,000 points per year. Find out how you can improve your eating habits
Skin Self Examination
1,000 points per year. Watch the short video and check your blemishes
Non-Smokers Declaration
1,000 points per year. Not a smoker? Complete the declaration and earn points

In person assessments

By completing in person health assessments you'll receive professional advice to improve your health and earn points while doing so.

AIA Vitality Health Check
Up to 7,000 points per year. Complete a health check at your GP or participating TerryWhite Chemmart, Amcal or Guardian pharmacy.
Dental Check
1,000 points per year. Earn points for your regular check up at the dentist.
Screening and Vaccines
Includes pap smears, colon checks, mammograms and some vaccinations.
Eye Check
1,000 points per year. Get your eyes checked at your local optometrist.
Fitness Assessment
Up to 3,000 points per year. Find out your fitness levels at participating Virgin Active, Fitness First and Anytime Fitness gyms.

AIA Vitality at home

The AIA Vitality at home hub features a range of workouts and offers to help you stay physically active, prepare delicious meals and bring some mindfulness to your day. 

Physical Activity

Earn up to 50 points by following a number of online workouts available through the AIA Vitality app. With sessions ranging from HIIT to yoga we're sure you’ll find something to keep you active.

Food and Nutrition 

Earn 25 points per week for watching videos, featuring Marika Day and Laura Henshaw, on recipes and cooking tips to keep your meals interesting.

Mental Wellbeing

Take time to centre yourself and earn up to 100 points per week to help process everything that’s happening in the world during this challenging time. You can even earn points by utilising the Mentemia app which provides coaching for mental wellbeing, helping individuals coping mechanisms particularly during Covid-19.

Download the app
  • Keep track of your health and achieve your goals

    Make the most of your AIA Vitality membership by linking up your compatible fitness tracking device and health and wellbeing apps, they all work together to help you improve your health.

Improve your health with up to 50% off selected gym memberships.

Improving your health is easier when it leads to discounts on gym memberships, fitness devices and gym wear.

Get GMHBA Health Insurance with AIA Vitality.

GMHBA have designed a range of packages that include health insurance and AIA Vitality.  We believe the AIA Vitality program complements our health insurance products, and adds an exciting dimension of rewards and encouragement for choosing a healthier lifestyle.

You + GMHBA = Healthier Together.