GMHBA takes health insurance to a whole new level with AIA Vitality

GMHBA takes health insurance to a whole new level with AIA Vitality


It’s a new dawn for health insurance, because GMHBA is partnering with AIA Vitality to offer a globally renowned health and wellness rewards program that enables members to understand and improve their health, and be rewarded for it.

GMHBA CEO, Mr Mark Valena, said the scientifically backed program would revolutionise health insurance and deliver on GMHBA’s overall objective of creating healthier communities.

“This is truly a life-changing program,” he said.

“AIA Vitality will change the way we all think about health insurance, by encouraging and rewarding members for choosing to be healthier and by actively participating in their health journey, instead of mainly engaging with members when they have already experienced a health issue.”

“At scale, we see this enabling long-term behavioural change, delivering better health and wellness outcomes and ultimately, reducing healthcare costs.”

Mr Valena said AIA Vitality, available with GMHBA’s AIA Vitality product range, would create a healthier cohort of GMHBA members and with broader uptake, the Australian community.

He said the key to AIA Vitality was to make the healthy choice the more rewarding one.

“We are focused on providing even more value to our members. With AIA Vitality, members can earn points for preventative health checks, reaching fitness goals and eating a healthy diet, and are rewarded with discounts or shopping vouchers with leading brands such as Qantas, Myer, Woolworths, Anytime Fitness and endota spa.”

Mr Valena said he was a proud AIA Vitality member himself, along with the majority of the GMHBA workforce.

“At GMHBA, we have tested the program and have seen first-hand how it engages and motivates people to live healthier lifestyles. Our staff are encouraged to be part of the program and we are already seeing positive results across the organisation,” he said.

“We’re also excited about AIA Vitality because it enables us to act on our brand promise, Healthier Together – as we strongly believe in helping people to master their health.”

GMHBA has supported the launch of the AIA Vitality program with a major advertising campaign, which has hit metropolitan and regional TV networks this week.

 “Our new advertising campaign will bring to life the essence of AIA Vitality and the benefits of the program,” Mr Valena said.

The ad, which features people engaging in an array of healthy and active lifestyle pursuits, was filmed in January and shot across different locations in Geelong, Barwon Heads and Torquay.

“We are thrilled with the results of the shoot and can’t wait to share footage from our stunning local region and the many healthy lifestyle options it offers, to our audiences,” he said.

The campaign will involve a cross channel marketing approach and incorporate television, radio and online communications.

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Campaign information:


New Dawn

Creative Agency:


Executive Creative Director:

Anthony Moss


Langdon Cook (Bright Works) and Catherine Park (Hogarth)

Production Company:

Bright Works


Cameron Darcy


Sunny, by Tessa Rose


30 seconds and 15 seconds

Campaign duration:

19 weeks.

About GMHBA:

GMHBA is an Australian not-for-profit health insurance and care company with more than 80 years’ experience. With a mission to help people master their own health, GMHBA has worked with members, partners and local communities for generations to provide health insurance and healthcare solutions. Through its evolution, GMHBA has become more than just a health insurer - now encompassing eye care, dental care and primary care in its growing portfolio. GMHBA sees a future in delivering holistic health and care programs in proactive ways to encourage members, patients and communities to be healthier together.

GMHBA is Australia’s leading regionally based private health insurance company, covering over 400,000 Australians.

About AIA Australia and AIA Vitality:

AIA Australia Limited is an independent life insurance specialist with over 40 years of experience building real and sustainable partnerships. AIA Australia offers a range of products that protect and enhance the lives of nearly three million Australians and is widely recognised as a market leader in product innovation and development.

In March 2014, AIA Australia introduced ‘Vitality’– the world’s leading scientifically-backed health and wellness rewards program, to the Australian market. AIA Vitality aims to be the catalyst for real change to the positive health outcomes of Australians. The Vitality program was developed by Discovery.

About Discovery:

Discovery Limited is a South African-founded financial services organisation that operates in the healthcare, life assurance, short-term insurance, savings and investment products and wellness markets. Founded in 1992, Discovery is guided by a clear core purpose – to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. Underpinning this core purpose is the belief that through innovation, Discovery can be a powerful market disruptor and a force for social good. To pursue this goal, Discovery employs its Vitality Shared Value Insurance model, which incentivises healthier behaviour for the benefit of clients, insurers and society.