Do I need dental cover for my kids?

What is dental cover?

When it comes to choosing between kids dental health insurance plans it’s important to understand how dental cover works. Health funds usually provide two types of cover – Hospital and Extras. Private hospital insurance covers you for admissions to hospital and everything that includes. Extras covers you for health treatments outside of hospital, like optical, dental, chiropractic and physiotherapy, and much more.

There are usually two types of Dental cover – General and Major. General covers you for the minor treatments such as small fillings and Major covers you for the bigger treatments, like complicated extractions, crown and root canal work etc. Some funds, including GMHBA can also cover you specifically for Preventative dental treatment. Preventative treatments can include things like regular check-ups or cleaning.

While preventative treatments can be included in General Dental, we understand the importance in encouraging you and your family to visit the dentist for things like check-ups. Some of our family plans allow you to claim 100 per cent of Preventative treatment back. We understand a key feature of the best kids dental health insurance plan has to be preventing any teeth or mouth problems before they get worse. Having this flexibility allows you to be covered for everything from check-ups to dental disasters.

Why is it important?

Visits to the dentist aren’t cheap. The last thing any parent wants is to have a child with a toothache or an abscess and having to worry about whether or not their budget can stretch that far this week. On top of that, having the financial freedom to go to the dentist for exams or for urgent work can stop things form getting a lot worse, which could save you money in the long term.

If any of your children pay sport, then having the best kid’s dental health insurance plans can also save you money on treatments for accidents, as well as custom-made mouth guards. Finding the best kids dental health insurance plan is also a good way to save money. We are all told, especially kids, to go the dentist for check-ups twice a year, and it seems like they are listening. If we are going along to the dentist, then surely it’s of benefit to be able to claim some of the cost of that back?

For families, having the best kid’s dental health insurance plans really is about economies of scale. The more children you have, the more likely the treatment you will have to pay for. On top of that, the larger your family, the more value for money your dental cover is going to be.

How much can I claim back?

As mentioned above, some of the best kids dental health insurance plans, including some of our policies, will offer 100 per cent back on Preventative dental cover. There are usually yearly limits on how much dental you can claim each year, and different percentages you can claim back. Often, the higher your level of care, the more you can claim back.

It is also important to find out about any out-of-pocket expenses when it comes to the best kids dental health insurance plan and talk it over with your fund and dentist.

Most funds will also have waiting periods before you can claim on certain Dental procedures, so it is important to understand the differences amongst the funds.

What about orthodontics?

While some treatments can overlap, most funds classify orthodontics as separate from Dental under their Extras cover.

With braces seemingly becoming more popular for children and parents,considering orthodontics too as part of your family’s best kids dental health insurance plans is a good move. Braces can cost anywhere from $2000 to $9000, which is a lot of money to be out of pocket. Like Dental, there are usually waiting periods and claim-back limits for orthodontics, although a lot of the yearly limits start out small and are stepped up the longer you have insurance.