Best Doctors closure information for members

What is the Best Doctors program?

  • Best Doctors is a program in which specialists from around the world review your medical case and provide you with a written report on your diagnosis and answer any questions you may have.
  • As we are discontinuing our agreement with the program, if you require a second opinion on a medical matter, we recommend that the first point of call is to return to your specialist to raise any concerns. Failing this, your General Practitioner (GP) is the next recommended point of contact.

What is changing?

  • The Best Doctors program will no longer be an available program to any GMHBA members.
  • This change is effective as of 1 January 2020.

I am booked in for surgery/to see a specialist, can I still see them? 

  • Yes, you can still see the surgeon or specialist you are currently booked in with.
  • This change will not impact your current treatment plan or relationship with your GP or specialist.

Can I still access any doctor/specialist for my health needs?

  • Yes, you can still access your regular GP and/or any specialist you have been referred to by your GP.

Why are you making this change?

  • We regularly review our range of products to ensure we are providing the best value to our membership as a whole.
  • As a not for profit health insurer, we believe the Best Doctors program is no longer the best use of member funds.

Why are you removing this program but not decreasing my premiums?

  • The premium that you pay is for the private health insurance product only.
  • The Best Doctors service was a member benefit offered at no additional cost – it is not factored in to the cost of members’ premiums. 
  • We will continue to invest in other programs and partnerships that provide high value and decrease out of pockets across the board, for the benefit of all members.

Where can I go for a second opinion on a medical matter?

  • If you feel you require a second opinion or are querying your surgeon’s recommended treatment choice, the first point of call is for you to return to the surgeon to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Failing this, your General Practitioner (GP) is the next option. They can also answer any questions and if required, refer you to an alternate specialist for that discussion.