GMHBA's Gold Hospital cover are eligible for a 100% benefit on the Strong Knees Program provided by Corio Bay Sports Medicine Centre.

Arthritic knees

The program consists of a series of exercise and learning sessions designed to achieve optimal strength, mobility and function for mild to moderately osteo-arthritic knees.

The program works strongly towards self-directed management of the problem and aims to give clients a better understanding of treatment options and their relevance. This includes exercises, medications, surgery, supplements and diet.

Structure of the Program

The program involves 2 x 60min sessions per week over a five week period (10 sessions in total) after which time each participant will have developed a very strong sense of an ability to self-manage their problem, as well as develop a resource bank of self-help and practitioner based solutions

Program Aims

The specific aims of this program are to enable each participant;

  • To have a comprehensive management strategy specifically to deal with the problem themselves where possible or appropriate.
  • To better understand the disease process and impact of lifestyle, diet, medication and exercise factors
  • To achieve an improved quality of life.
  • To achieve improved pain levels.
  • To be better equipped at self-coping with acute exacerbations
  • To delay or avoid surgery.
  • To understand the effects of common supplements and alternative remedies.
  • To be empowered with an ongoing resource for their problem.

For members to be eligible they must have an active membership with Gold Hospital cover and served the 2 month waiting period prior to program commencement.

For further information or to enrol in the program please contact Corio Bay Sports Medicine Centre on 5221 8822 or email