Midwifery Group Practice program

Starting a family or adding to your family can be a very exciting time. It’s important that you and your baby are looked after from the beginning of your pregnancy until after the birth.

What is the Midwifery Group Practice Program?

The Midwifery Group Practice program (MGP) is an existing program provided by Barwon Health. However as a GMHBA member you can choose to use your health insurance to access a place in the program if you would like to have your baby at Geelong Hospital.

By going through Barwon Health’s MGP you will have access to the same midwife throughout your pregnancy, birth and the first two weeks at home with a new baby.

This program is due to conclude on 21 July 2017.

How to register for the Midwifery Group Practice Program

If you would like to be treated as a private patient at the Geelong Hospital accessing Barwon Health’s MGP program simply follow the below steps.

  1. Tell your GP that you would like to go through the MGP program when you discover you are pregnant.
  2. Your GP will then arrange a referral to Barwon Health where all booking arrangements are made and you will nominate the MGP model of care for your pregnancy.
  3. The last step is for you to make a simple phone call to Barwon Health administration (phone 4215 1300) to tell them that you are a GMHBA member who wishes to access the MGP.

From there, Barwon Health will coordinate your midwife consultations with you and contact GMHBA on your behalf so that we know you’re being taken care of.

Who can use the MGP Program

Any member who has pregnancy cover can access the MGP program.

It is limited to members who currently reside in the following geographical catchment areas:

Colac Otway, Golden Plains, Greater Geelong, Queenscliffe and the Surf Coast.

There are some reasons that Barwon Health don’t allow access to the MGP:

  • Twin pregnancy
  • Planned elective caesarean birth following a primary caesarean
  • Late pregnancy referral to hospital i.e. after 16 weeks (allocation process relies on an early referral from GP)
  • Living outside the catchment area.

GMHBA MGP places are limited to 40 GMHBA members each year.

Benefits of using the MPG Program

  • It provides our members with more choice for their pregnancy care
  • There are no out of pocket costs apart from any excess there may be on your health insurance policy
  • Members get access to the same midwife throughout pregnancy and after the birth for up to two weeks
  • Midwives are available on call and supported by back–up midwives within the group when unavailable. Participants will also meet their back-up midwives during pregnancy.


What is the process if a member wants to register for the MGP program?

Simply inform your GP at your first antenatal check-up (6-10 weeks) that you would like to receive your maternity care from Barwon Health.

You will be informed about the MGP program being an option through your GP, Barwon Health, GMHBA website and direct email correspondence. Your GP will then make a referral to Barwon Health Pregnancy Care Clinic.

During your initial appointment with the Pregnancy Care Clinic you will need to let the Midwife know that you would like to be in the MGP program. The midwife will then determine if you are eligible.

What if more than 40 people want to access the MGP?

Numbers are capped at 40 births per year. You will not able to register your interest for this program until your first appointment at the pregnancy care clinic at Barwon Health. This will be a first in, first served system.

What happens if I start as medically eligible for the MGP program and then my birth becomes a high risk?

You will have two options

  1. You can remain in MGP as high risk and follow the same care path as a public patient. This means being cared for collaboratively by their MGP midwife and the Obstetric doctor (no options of who) and postnatal follow up at home will be provided by your MGP midwife; or
  2. You can choose to leave Barwon Health and go privately if you are able to access a private obstetrician.

More Information

For more information or to check for eligibility please call GMHBA on 1300 446 422.

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