GMHBA and Healthshare

In partnership with one of Australia’s fastest growing digital health platforms - Healthshare, GMHBA has launched Find a Medical Specialist.

hush-naidoo-382152.jpgYou will now be able to use “Find a Medical Specialist” as a search directory to find a specialists in your area. You will gain information about what hospitals specialists work from and find out if they participate in GMHBA’s Access Gap Cover scheme.

As well as using the new directory yourself, your GP has the ability to search on your behalf. Your GP has a wealth of knowledge, so if they are referring you to a particular specialist, why not ask them if they can refer you to a one that participates in GMHBA’s Access Gap Cover scheme.

Our partnership with Healthshare provides transparency to our members with regards to gap cover participation; allowing you to make better-informed decisions about specialists and practitioners.

Members of GMHBA can search for a specialist using two methods:

  • By entering the specialty (ie: Cardiologist) and location, or
  • By searching for a health practitioner by name


GMHBA’s Find a Medical Specialist today

No 2 and 6 month waits on extras when joining combined cover*

*Offer ends 30 September 2019. For new members on direct debit. Must pay first month to start claiming. 12 month waits, annual and sub-limits apply. Extras claims made with previous fund count towards annual limits. Not available with any other offer.