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Healthy Cooking Classes

GMHBA welcomed over 1,000 local people to four healthy cooking classes hosted by ex-Masterchef contestant Marion Grasby at The Pier on Geelong's waterfront on the 13th and 14th of June 2012.

As a health fund committed to the health and wellbeing of local communities, those in attendance were treated to the class free of charge. The class offered an exclusive taste of three of the five healthy dishes taught at the session and each patron also took home a recipe book and some practical healthy cooking tips and alternatives to try. The classes were open to GMHBA members and non-members interested in the topic.

"It's pretty cool that an insurance company is not just saying be healthy, they are doing something about it! What I personally do to keep healthy is keep it really simple – more vegetables, more colour in your stir-frys, different types of vegetable and cutting down on fats," commented Marion Grasby after the sessions.