Caring for your glasses

Your quality prescription glasses from GMHBA Eye Care should last several years. Some of the simple ways to keep your glasses in top shape include:

  • Never lay the glasses lens face down.
  • If you can’t store your glasses back in a case, lay the frames flat side down (upside down) with the arms out to stop them getting knocked over.
  • Rinse your lenses under lukewarm tap water and dry with a lint free towel.
  • Always ensure your lenses are wet when wiping them, unless you are using a spectacle cleaning cloth.
  • Only clean your lens with tissues if used in conjunction with our spectacle cleaning spray. Otherwise you may end up with fibre particles sticking to the lens.
  • Always hold your glasses by the bridge to avoid upsetting the fitting of the arms.

Remember, after purchasing glasses from GMHBA Eye Care, you can drop into any GMHBA Eye Care store to have your frames refitted or serviced at any time.