What is the best extras cover if I need cover for Occupational Therapy?

What is Occupational Therapy?

It is important when looking for the best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy to realise how important Occupational Therapy is, and how widespread its benefits can be across age groups. Despite the name, Occupational Therapists have very little to do with the workplace. While they can help in rehabilitating people to go back to work, the term “occupational” actually refers to the things that occupy our time.

It is clearly a very broad definition, but the upshot is Occupational Therapists are there to support people to do the things they want to do, to help them participate in day-to-day life. They do this by working with patients to make them more able, or modify the patient’s environment, or both.

Getting back to daily life can be a goal of Occupational Therapy, but it can also be a therapeutic tool, especially for conditions like mental illness.

Who needs Occupational Therapy?

Having the best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy can benefit a lot of people across a lot of different age groups and circumstances.

Occupational Therapists can work a lot with children on a number of treatments. These can include helping children with ADHD, those on the autism spectrum or with learning disabilities.

Having the best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy can also offset some of the costs associated with  Occupational Therapy services to help children reach their developmental milestones and increase their motor skills and coordination. This can also extend to helping children improve their sports abilities or functional skills like tying their shoes or riding a bike.

For adults of all ages, finding the best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy can also lead to help around injury management, including developing strategies and approaches to return to work, as well as identifying the functional requirements of specific jobs.

The best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy can also help you out in acute situations. While hospital cover will protect you for unexpected costs if you are admitted, Occupational Therapists can intervene for things like burns and after-surgery requirements. This can mean services like ensuring your house is suitable if you need specialised equipment after coming home from hospital.

Another key part of having the best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy is being able to use it as part of treatment for mental illness. Occupational Therapists can be used to help patients in their day-to-day recovery from mental illness, by helping them implement strategies and offering them plans to better cope with everyday activities.

Having the best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy can also be really important for the elderly.  Therapists can work with people on rehabilitation from broken hips, strokes or surgery, to help them regain their much-wanted independence. Having occupational therapy cover can also be helpful when needing a suitability assessment for nursing or aged care homes.  

What are the financial benefits of the best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy can be expensive, with costs of more than $200 an hour for initial assessments not uncommon. If the therapist has to travel to your home or work, additional costs can be charged.

On top of the consultation or assessment fees are costs of any report or letters that need to be written, which can sometimes be higher than the initial consultation.

Some occupational therapy services are covered by Medicare, including the Enhanced Primary Care program, the Helping Children with Autism program, and the GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. However, Medicare does not cover most Occupational Therapy services, which is where having the best health insurance plan for Occupational Therapy can be helpful.

Across most funds, the amount you can claim back on occupational therapy will vary depending on your level of cover. The more comprehensive cover you have, the more likely it will be you can claim back benefits. With some funds, including GMHBA, you can choose a set benefit fee for visits, or you can increase your level of cover and claim back up to 75 per cent of any fees, up to an annual limit. 

Funds will also have waiting periods for occupational therapy claims. At GMHBA, we realise the importance and urgency of occupational therapy, and our waiting periods are only two months from when you first take out cover. If you have come across from another health fund, we can also take into account any waiting periods already served.  However, make sure you check out the rules of any health fund around pre-existing conditions. They can vary across funds.

Like everything, it pays to do your research. Your health is too important to leave things to chance. Start here and work your way through the options. 

Being a not for profit health fund, taking out taking out the best health insurance plan for occupational therapy with GMHBA also has its financial benefits.  We are only interested in trying to provide the best health insurance plans for Audiology we can.