What Is the Best Dental Insurance for Singles?

Selecting the right dental insurance starts with selecting the best health insurance plan. Dental coverage falls under health insurance extras cover not hospital cover. The health insurance plan and accompanying dental coverage for singles can vary considerably, since there are a number of denominators to take into account. Below are some of the most common factor that can influence the choice of the best dental insurance for singles.

Current Dental Health

Your current dental health can play a big role in your choice of dental insurance coverage. Singles with good dental health usually do not need any major dental insurance plans. Major dental insurance usually covers procedures such as complex fillings, complicated tooth extractions, bridges and orthodontics. So if your dental health is quite good, major dental insurance coverage will not be needed and our Bronze extras cover at GMHBA is perfect for you.

* The price shown is per week and applies to a Single living in VIC with a $500 excess. It excludes LHC loading and includes a Base Tier Government Rebate

No 2 and 6 month waits on extras when joining combined cover*

*Offer ends 28th February 2019. For new members on direct debit. 12 month waits, annual and sub limits apply. Extras claims made with previous fund count towards annual limits. Not available with any other offer.

People with good dental health usually choose a health insurance plan with basic dental coverage. Basic dental insurance coverage will provide clients with the necessary coverage for their regular check-ups and preventative dentistry appointments such as tooth cleaning.

However, singles with poor dental health will get more benefit from an insurance plan with major dental coverage. In order to determine if major dental insurance is better for you, it can be a good idea to visit your dentist in advance and have a look at your dental health history. If you often struggle with gum disease or cavities or need orthodontic work a major dental plan will be better for you for the future such as GMHBA’s family health cover packages or silver and gold extras policies.


Even though age is not the most important factor to consider when you are searching for dental insurance plans, it can play a role where dental health is concerned. Clients who are older are more likely to need major dental work in the future, which is why we advise older clients to go for a health insurance plan which includes major dental coverage.

Younger singles usually do not need major dental coverage, simply because these clients teeth are younger and in better condition. However, as we said earlier, age is not always the most important factor. Some young singles have been known to experience problems with their dental health or need to receive orthodontic work, so it is always a good idea to look at your history to see if major dental coverage is required.


Your lifestyle will also play a big role for your health insurance plan and your dental insurance coverage. When examining your lifestyle to determine the best health insurance needs, it is important to take all things into account. For example, smoking status, eating habits, drinking habits and even engagement in contact sports.

Some aspects of your life may increase your chances of needing major dental procedures in the future. If you live a high risk lifestyle, for example doing contact sports and consuming a large amount of sugar in your diet, major dental insurance may be needed after all and with GMHBA’s gold extras cover you receive 75% of you out-of-pocket expenses back up to your yearly limit.


Budget can also play a role while selecting your perfect health insurance plan. Fortunately, most singles only need a limited amount of coverage for themselves, which can cut in the cost of the health insurance plan and your dental coverage.

At GMHBA, it is possible to filter available health insurance plans and dental insurance based on your annual taxable income. Based on your income and your dental health, we can provide you with several of the best dental insurance plans that match your budget. Even our low cost cover plans can give you coverage for preventative and general dentistry appointments and allow you to receive 55% of your out-of-pocket expenses back up to your yearly limit.

Additions to the Family

Even if you are living on your own at the moment and only have yourself to worry about, circumstances change. If you intend to grow your family in the nearby future, a dental coverage plan for your family may be in order. Clients who currently have a health insurance plan for singles, but could need a family plan in the future, can always obtain additional coverage when needed by speaking to one of our GMHBA representatives. We have some of the best dental insurance plans which can be tailored to your requirement.

Choosing the Best Dental Insurance for Singles with GMHBA

To find the best dental insurance coverage plan for singles, it is recommended to enter your details on the GMHBA website. By doing this, we can provide you with the health insurance plan that matches your specific needs. Health insurance plans with the best dental insurance coverage are filtered according to age, budget and circumstances, so there may be additional plans available for you with some very attractive rates.

In order to get the best health insurance coverage, clients are also able to filter their results further. Available options on the GMHBA website include low cost cover, minimising tax, planning a family, comprehensive cover, peace of mind and sports & fitness. All health insurance policies and extras cover include waiting periods ranging from 2 months to 12 months for major dental so it is important to understand this when taking out a new policy as any dental work completed before the waiting periods are completed is no claimable.

From general dental coverage to major dental coverage, all these options can be found in our range of best health insurance plans. If you are unsure about the best health insurance plans available for singles, it can be a good idea to contact GMHBA to discuss your options. Our specialists may also be able to inform you about any special deals or offers that are currently available.