What Is GMHBA’s Best Dental Insurance for Implants?

Coverage for dental implants can be hard to find, especially when you consider that not every insurance company covers them in their policy. Dental implants are not covered by Medicare, so if you require extensive dental work you really need to look for the best private health insurance plan for you. At GMHBA, we offer a variety of different health insurance policies which include cover for dental implants and much more. If you are looking for more detailed information about the best health insurance plans which include dental insurance and implant coverage then please read on.

Are Dental Implants Covered Under the Major Dentistry Extra?

In your extras cover you can have general dental cover and/or major dental included. Major dental refers to complicated dental procedures such as orthodontics, bridges, crowns, tooth extractions and complicated fillings. However, a common misconception about major dental is that it covers dental implants. You should be aware that not all health insurance plans with the major dental covers dental implants. So it is therefore essential to examine your extras cover very carefully.

No 2 and 6 month waits on extras when joining combined cover*

*Offer ends 28th February 2019. For new members on direct debit. 12 month waits, annual and sub limits apply. Extras claims made with previous fund count towards annual limits. Not available with any other offer.

How Do I Know If Dental Implants Are Included in Your Health Insurance Plan?

When you search for your best health insurance plan for you at GMHBA, you get the option to look at the cover details before you commit to a specific plan. If your health insurance plan covers dental implants, this will be mentioned under the cover details section.

Members can also see the finer print and specific details relating to type of procedures covered and their best health insurance plan for them. For example, dental implant surgery will be covered when the dental implant surgery is executed in a hospital where the patient stays as an in-patient. To see these details, simply click on the dental implant surgery under the cover details overview.

What Is the Most Affordable Health Insurance Plan for Dental Implants?

Customers who intend to claim less on their extras may want to look at the GMHBA Premium Hospital & Silver Extras with 65% Back policy. This health insurance plan provides the same benefits as the Premium Hospital & Gold Extras with 75% back. However, there are lower yearly claimable limits on the extras services.

This policy also offers access gap cover which is a billing system that provides higher benefits than the Federal Government’s set scheduled fee. If your doctor is registered for Access Gap Cover, your hospital out-of-pocket costs may be reduced or even eliminated. Before you go into hospital, you should discuss with your doctor the cost of treatment. Your doctor must advise of any out-of-pocket expenses you will have to pay and provide a written estimate of the fees for treatment, before you go into hospital.

Before you decide which the best health insurance plan is for you at GMHBA, it is important to understand the excess your plan includes, any waiting periods for specific services as well as yearly claimable limits. GMHBA is a private health insurer you can trust who offer some of the best health insurance plans.