What does general dental cover include in my extras cover?

What is general dental cover?

Finding the best general dental health insurance plan starts with an understanding of how dental cover works. Most health funds will include both general and major dental cover in their extras policies. Major dental can include complex fillings, tooth extractions and treatments like crowns and dentures. General dental cover can include treatments like check-ups, cleaning, and minor fillings.

Some health funds, including GMHBA, will focus their general dental cover on preventative care. In fact, GMHBA separates yearly claim limits on some higher levels of health cover into major, general dental and preventative, to encourage you to maintain your check-ups and overall oral health

 We know that giving you an extra reason to go to the dentist for regular check-ups and preventative treatments can benefit your health in the long run. Either way, general dental can cover you for all your preventative needs and is an important part of the best general dental health insurance plan.

Our plans can also include cover for three plaque-removal visits a year, on top of the regular twice-yearly check-ups.

Cosmetic work like teeth whitening or implants are usually not covered by health funds.

Why is preventative dental important?

We are told visiting a dentist twice a year is good for us, and that’s not just for the dentist’s benefit. The importance of visiting a dentist regularly is so much more than just pearly white teeth. Tooth and gum diseases Australia. They can be a precursor of other illnesses, or dangerous in themselves. The World Health Organisation has clearly found the relationship between oral health and general health is clear, so finding the best General Dental health insurance plan could benefit more than just your mouth.

It’s not just a problem for third-world countries either. Dental decay is one of the most costly diet-related diseases in Australia, which is an amazing fact when you think of the costs of coronary disease, high blood pressure and diabetes on the community.

There may therefore be benefits in finding the best general dental health insurance plan for you. We know that dental check-ups can prevent decay and dentists can help spot problems before they get too big. This can help prevent things from getting worse and can make any decision on whether or not to get something checked out a lot simpler.

There can also be a financial benefit to finding the best general dental health insurance plan. Some dentists will tell you the cost of having regular check-ups and prevention is much less than the cost of fixing problems when they arise, so having health cover that encourages prevention can help you cover your costs, even if you can claim some of the costs of having major dental treatments back.

On top of that, cost of dental care can stop some people, especially adults, going to a dentist, so finding the best general dental health insurance plan can go a long way to improving the long-term health of you and your family.

What else do I need to know about finding the best general dental health insurance plan?

Most health funds will have waiting periods between when you can join and when you can claim for dental treatments. You usually have to wait around 12 months before claiming for major dental treatment, and about two months for general dental. If you have come across from another health fund, GMHBA may be able to include the time you have previously waited. When looking for the best general dental health insurance plan, it’s also important to note the higher level of cover, the more you can usually claim back.

You may be able to claim 100 per cent of preventative dental care treatments, but smaller percentages of other General Dental treatments. If you choose extras cover with lower premiums this can mean lower claim-back percentages, and it’s worth checking out how all that suits you.

Yearly benefit limits may also be in the mix when finding the best General Dental health insurance plan. Most funds will limit the amount you can claim back each year on extras treatments, including general dental. Annual limits and sub limits can vary from fund to fund, and within funds. GMHBA like some funds have limits on major, general and preventative dental treatments.

So think about what you might need, the level of cover you might need and how much you can afford. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a toothache or other dental emergency and be worried about your level of cover.