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At GMHBA we are passionate about participating with local towns, individuals and organisations to build healthier communities. Our blog is where we share the stories, news and events from those activities.

We also post information about industry changes, company news and general health-related content. If you'd like us to write about something please let us know.


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My Cover Matters to 40,000 voices

Posted Thursday, 11 April 2013 in Members

GMHBA Limited launched the My Cover Matters campaign over a month ago on 1 March due to the Federal Government’s proposed further changes to the private health insurance rebate which could directly affect the affordability of health insurance for...

My Cover Matters

Posted Monday, 4 March 2013 in Members

Today, GMHBA Ltd launched “My Cover Matters”, a campaign aimed at educating and informing our members, anyone with private health insurance and those in the wider community about the federal government’s proposed changes to the private health...

The Federal Government yesterday announced that means testing of the Private Health Insurance rebate has successfully passed through the House of Representatives and is expected to come into effect as of 1 July, 2012.GMHBA recognises that this...

The Federal Government is planning to means-test the current private health insurance rebate, affecting many Australians who belong to a private health fund.Since the introduction of the rebate in 1999, millions of Australians have benefited from the...

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